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Be a repeat pitching matchup between game one starters Tyler Glass, now in Clayton Kershaw. To to swing and a miss and so Nino down on strikes. The side is retired. That's eight. Now. For Kershaw. It was vintage Kershaw in Game one. The Rays hitters missing on 50% of their swings, the highest rate in any game of his career, and his slider was especially effective. He got 11 whiffs on that pitch, including seven of his eight strikeouts. When Kershaw got to two strikes, it was lights out for the Rays. They were just one for 13. But in his career, Kershaw has struggled following his first starting a Siri's dating back to 2013 his e R a jumps, 2.5 runs higher In his subsequent starts, Kershaw knows he'll have to make adjustments tonight. Obviously, anytime that hitter see you, they get a little bit more of an advantage. So they see me for a few abouts. Now you might have to change a few things up, but you know, for the most part, just continue to pitch the way that you pitch, Kershaw was sharpened. Name one. But his counterpart Tyler Glass, now was not walking six batters tied for his most in any game in his career, and twice as many as he's ever had with the race also is Thegame War on Blast knows Fastball lost its juice. The average 99 MPH with this four seamer in the first three innings, and Dodgers sitters were over five. In the 4th and 5th innings. His fastball was 1.5 MPH slower, and the Dodgers were too for seven, including a Cody Ballenger home run, Hey, headed into the Dodgersbullpen and Cody balance here has given the Dodgers a two to nothing lead. Less now knows for him to have success tonight is going to have to come down to. One thing is long as I'm ahead of hitters and let my stuff play for the most part. I think I can match up pretty well against anybody. But it's just a matter of executing early numbers. In that feature. There are thanks to ESPN stats and info for them was welcome in Tim Kurkjian here in studio and Tim as we look ahead to this game five matchup after throwing a career high 112 pitches for glass now in Game one. What should the Rays expect from him tonight? Well, they have to expect him to be a lot better than he was last start. I mean, he had six earned runs and six walks. No one's ever done that in a World Series game, he bounced at least 12 pitches in that game. He spikes um, fastball, which is really hard to do, and he didn't have command of that great curveball. When he's got those two pitches, there's no hitting this guy, but he has to be much better, and I'm sure he will be. He's never lost three starts in a row since 2018 and he's got two losses in a row in this postseason. He can't make it a third tonight and he has to throw better than he did. The last course he lost against Clayton Kershaw in Game one. Kershaw was brilliant. But why do you think Clayton has struggled following his first start in a postseason series? Right? I claim, however, this is a different Clayton Kershaw than we've seen in the last few postseasons. He's fresher. His flight is a joke. So good right now. His curveball is great. Last start 19 swings and misses And he's three and one with a 2.88 era in this postseason is also never one to postseason games in the same Siri's, so this should be very interesting how he throws tonight. My guess is he's going to throw great again. Well, I know I wasn't the only one with one strike to go in Game four that was already seeing the storyline of the Dodgers up three games to one in Clayton Kershaw. With a chance to close it out. Storylines shifts just a little bit because it's still an incredibly important game five. Herewith Siri's tied to kind of touching on what you just mentioned. Kershaw was dominant in Game one. But how confidential the Dodgers B that he can give them that similar performance tonight. Well, I think they should be confident and I'm going to try not to overstate this, Cassie, but this might be the biggest start of his Career and because it's a World Series game, I'm not buying anything that happens in division. Siri's as important as those were, but given the way the game for ended, and given that the Dodgers have to get the moment, um back and take the lead back in the Siri's, and now it's on Clayton Kershaw shoulders and I think he steps forward and says, I'm ready for this because I'm a really good postseason picture. Now, let's see what he does tonight. Tim Kurkjian joining us and coming up next on baseball tonight, Tim sticks around and tells us why he thinks we haven't seen the last Kenley Jansen and high leverage situation. You're listening to the World Series on ESPN Radio and the ESPN. Smith drops the ball, then arose aerated.

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