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L A Times did we really need this information today? At last year's Ridge Crest Earthquakes have increased the chance of a large earthquake on the San Andreas that the new odds mean a large quake on the Garlock fault is now 100 times more likely in the next year, and the chance of a large one on the San Andreas has roughly tripled. Did. We need to know that l a times. When are they going to do an Expos say on what different what different types of Tom's shoes say about your personality carry? No. Someone's working on that. Careful. You're going to speak that into existence and I give bad news. What, Like the earthquake news wasn't bad. We knew that was already there. News that you didn't know about what the African elephant flew. Scientists are investigating a new disease. Apparently that's been killing hundreds of African elephants. And the concern that it could make the jump to humans. This new, mysterious viruses killed up to 400 devil elephants in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Wildlife experts believe that an unknown pathogen they call it the novel Elephant virus could be behind these maths deaths. Yes. I have Tiger King News. You hear that? Is you trying to trying to make it better? A little bit, okay? Authorities in Oklahoma are searching the Tiger King property for human remains. Oh, this after the Travel Channel's Ghost adventure was there, too. Film an episode and they're cadaver Dogs picked up a scent. So the show has cadaver dogs. Yeah, the police Took notice of that. Took notice of the Ghost Adventures, fact finding mission and has now sent in the officials to look for human remains on the Tiger King property. Okay? What we're doing now. Drained..

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