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Baseball on ESPN radio ESPN some are with Chris singleton we head of the ninth inning in Philly it'll be AJ Pollock Corey Seager ki K. Hernandez here that I the first pitch could the foot bunions show me the pinky toe you walk over but you get a lift back right this girl went back in the dugout after this setting dealing with injuries nonstop I went back and looked up the store about Pollock is a high school player Connecticut he was a Gatorade Connecticut player of the year two time all state struck out only once since everyone plate appearances but even then they noted that it is high school career suffer through back hip and foot problems I was before he went to south bend Indiana play for pulmonary at Notre Dame years Corey Seager at the plate one for three of the day big swing and a miss at ninety four seater that account nothing to Dodgers leave the Philly sixty two where the top of the night they're going to twelve thirty five eastern time start tomorrow the two YouTube game for them it is a you tube one ball two strikes we got on that John Prague or oversize or will be on the call that should be very interesting especially after this wait truck in her says you're doing it yeah that'll be fun real thought of fun to a two runner goes get a big jump the throw from real news so is high and why is it's a stolen base rates a product I was watching the Phillies game the Phillies Dodgers game Monday night for a little bit of strike a procedure by the way one down and one of the relievers it was working on a roller Hughes rolling out is back in his lower back in his legs truck saw the umpires gonna get together here and they're going to take a look at the plate second base yeah it is we're taking a look at the replay here follow a right foot hello well my dad was a plot of the right shin that is simply to come in to the back I don't know I'm not sure on that one the angle that I saw was not definitive so back to Jack rock and the reliever out there with the roller camera cuts to a Tom practices what it looks like a mechanic get ready slide into the car and some a card just kind of I guess shock with with we talking about he's he's stretching out his back boxes will why would he do that god this is would you stretch the freaking the game all right that the the reason to stretch get out there play rebel till in the game for the Phillies would take a long look at that game out west ever finish with the last one going eleven to the final Astros beat the angels so should only have eyes on this one right yeah but the Walkman those listeners listening to the Astros game we are at the top of the night right now the play review but the doctors have a sixty to lead here we go take they had set up yeah well we got thanks bill bill Miller fifty with all these pants brother yeah I got a lot of what's new ones yeah sure how they were precise V. five pilots all right with the candles flies home tomorrow so run at second base ki K. Hernandez it is did you see is engagement photos from last year a little bit I could take like serve the poses yeah I was a little different yeah he told his fiance you have our offer on or something he had a overall shorts yeah with a yellow to which was no he said listen up up close for data photos but I get to see alf in the post they did a lot of flavor you do the same thing this is a line drive into center field of drops in front of hazing politics around thirty to come home to score and it's still a second base with lose held up by replay review is a boon for the Dodgers it turns into an RBI single for ki K. Hernandez Russell Martin coming up Martin is betting the eight hole was hit by a pitch last time out these run a pair walks he's all for one one Bacteroides up at five OO nine AM in round one of the open Tiger Woods at the office ten ten tiger won the masters your boy KEPCO one of the PGA championship and Gerry would lead the U. S. open a one the US open I should say pitch is a strike another good one second pitch in for a strike a fast one ninety three miles an hour from Austin Davis balls two strikes Dodgers seven Phillies too near the top of the ninth inning time did you guys get out of Fenway Monday morning a game and before one AM eastern or later I don't I can't remember I fly ball left field Nick Williams makes the catch he cared it is stays at first there's two down it it just before one AM if you're curious I don't really the time when I'm having fun yeah yeah like there's nobody in the bank was time flies yeah I don't even know what time it is right now I just keep saying later books mornings on east coast those great IT game earlier this season the college game yes he turned with Todd Walker it up a minute it's three AM central time this is a big fan of yours me first round of the brewers back in the day Turner cut to miss you know he's only human singing so it would make sense Justin Turner steps away from the plate promote weird stories come out you know when you're on the air until two three AM they're gonna be careful Turner Richard the third base on its past Miller it into left field he can Hernandez we stop at second I'll get back to the top of the line of this is the based on the fans still in attendance in the game late this late it feels like your in the Midwest at a minor league ball yes maybe the light the light exist to good I get the lighting was worse it'd be like I yeah we're just where are we right now is wait for the rate for the cedar rapids kernels or something Alex Verdugo all for one yes so it at like one o'clock in the morning Tom Walker told a story about playing in the minor leagues he was in the eastern we get the time we're talking about busting up double plays protect yourself as an infielder he said he turned a double play and he had a guy come in on him and he threw the ball directly at the base runners for it the deaths which you do guys gonna learn to get down any claims that he hit the guy in the forehead any hit him so hard that it knocked his eyebrow right he said I walked over to the ball Carrabelle all the way out to left field he said I walked over picked up the guys I brought it back to the put in his back pocket you don't believe me now my words here he is Todd Walker played what twelve years in the big leagues swing and a miss for Verdugo all the rookies hold for two offer so it would stop that it's the middle of the night we're almost to golf it's the.

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