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Gonna fit with this team based on staff and clay I looked at what he did I lived with they did and you don't want to twenty seven million dollar player coming off the bench and you don't want clay move and to three and you didn't want your back court to be is defensively is sufficient as it could have been with those two there so did you what wizard chance you thought it it worked because I I'll be honest I thought that under no circumstances it's gonna work this is the keeper chip in the game at all to me that should get you some draft picks and ender Wiggins but go back to the beginning of it was it how much of it was we need to stay in the game how much of it was I really think this can work well you know leaving Kevin leave in regards no weight when a guy leave get nothing help clear leader for agency and and you're you're in the I think the common misconception is I lean Barker ranch we making twenty eight million dollars and that allows you than to spend another twenty nine dollars and that's clearly not how it works in this business and so you know really faced with nothing more than just having the mid level and and honestly retaining a dollar was it was also an option we decided to do what we did and and and making it too young at a young player different than that because at that moment Tom if you're saying to me absolutely no we're gonna work no yeah we also knew that that it might be challenging it might be but different different example but somewhere along the same lines people forget it's always you thinking it's reaction there was a decent amount of people when we signed a dollar were you doing your Harrison Barnes because making sense it wasn't just one person that was more than one because I remember you here why would you go in it and I was everybody wants to send what Howard to getting it all why would you guys do that now people like to get dollar but then the immediate conversation home who's gonna start and mark Jackson obviously started are great he came in and put under oath of vengeance so you'd like to keep things open you like to say let's see well certainly in a league where you know you need size the necklaces and and also having staff we're not naive complaint we we we sell stuff to be able to India will be the water by her so we were well aware of the difficulties of what it might be but it wasn't an instantaneous is not gonna work it was let's see unfortunately when you get to see much of it at all and then we were forced with the part you know as the deadline came upon us it was almost a we have a chance with small cords looking at the draft between keeping seeing an easy solution to that going into next season Mister Logan so you know it was reported I guess early you know maybe three or four days before the trade deadline Bob that that everything and blown up between the lawyers in the T. wolves that you guys were at an impasse and that you guys were kind of walking away from the situation and then it got reported that you actually reached out to them on the eve of whatever day I guess two days before the deadline when the deal was was consummated can you tell us how that came together how you decide to pick up the phone and get back with them after was kind of reported that it was gonna put somebody had put the kibosh on the whole thing yeah I mean where the meat meat is a really good job especially in this day and age that people that look for stuff are good and they work hard and then for the most part their act as accurate you can expect but it's hard to more concern team home on the street where the old dead mailbox deal happening it's hard not to report to you that way but most of the time it's not either dead or happening until it actually one of those things tell them I'm really passes and so there was enough conversation an ongoing conversation where we all kind of exchange different ideas and and talked and then we decided let's let's look at this is that not knowing full well that includes which they do some oftentimes circle back he would ever get get plastic loose it was for us I never felt like it was at the five yard line and went away which is something that we were moving towards and we'll just have to make a decision by the deadline the hardest part was the fact that we didn't know if we were gonna do that well or get out of the tax and still holding all those things in place was difficult to say what we don't decide on doing this deal answers to Minnesota I won't go through the specifics of what we would have done or what they would have done I don't think that's fair it can't drinking I would want to be in doing that to me where Hey we were done has to pay off debts what I will say that it did get to a place where we were comfortable they were comfortable being in the billing but but it many many times you guys will see and and often times in any sport you'll read about a deadline of missing data will happen or vice versa it's definitely happening then it'll fall apart there's so much my new series things and there's so much entity specially now professional sports leagues to basketball where in the hell can thing done it's hard to get it doesn't really matter I mean it it into the negotiation goes on until the bell rang the twelve o'clock so I think for us it was an ongoing thing I never felt like it was definitely happening or not it's did see I always find the best to get my news a day after the trade deadline not to worry about all that stuff okay this is actually what happened this is what didn't happen I don't got to worry about what I mean because even even in the past you know people people are fascinated by what almost happened almost didn't happen yeah and then they almost they almost grade you on things like that and say well what you almost they will create a federal we did or didn't mean that what you almost might've hello like that give me your thoughts on it Andrew Wiggins because I think positionally it's a much better much better fit I've always had my questions about him watching him in Minnesota does that much as he love the game is he committed to playing the fans who he has he reached his his potential and they have the most of those are no no no I think he got I don't I I only plays defense I think he can play better I don't know that he loves the game will find out that out and I've always said when a guy gets traded I don't worry about what happened before I want to see what happens from this point on because who knows what happened with the situation was but you heard all those things obviously mean you you're you're in the NBA do you feel like this situation you can improve some of those things is based on you know what your out of Minnesota it's a different culture here you know we're trying to win championships here we've proven we can win championships here how much do you think that can impact the player when you made that traded you think that was a factor at all sure I mean we have to believe in our ability to improve whether we draft a player trade for players sign a player if we don't think we can add value Tom but we as they slowly from our coaching staff you are ownership support on to what we do in the front office then that's an indictment us along with us if we think we're just the same as everybody else if we draft a player he's going to develop just as he was drafted by twenty either team where nobody better be good now because we can't help them that that's a problem that we need to look in the mirror if if we honestly think if I don't think Stephen the coaching staff can help a guy and then we better just get finished products the hunter just because what they were is what they're going to be so yes I mean there's a lot of people that want to Eddie and look at other plans I could not this situations matter I mean you play in different situations that's not to say I don't know what he's going to be as good a lot on him and on and and it has to be yes the one so it it's it's a combination of us providing good morning but at the same time anything we do we're gonna drop the player likely in the top five this year that's where it's going to have to get better none of those guys are ready to go whoever we take matter just plug and play they're not there so you don't you have to think that you can add value whether it's a ghostly warriors or apple or any company that you can take somebody and they make them better but yeah I mean look there's a lot of reason BFD said some of the I think we probably you know number one hits the stigma of the number one pick is that that guy should change the course of a French I mean that's that's your expectations and so I think anger was probably weighted down sailor I'm fairly doesn't matter if he's as I talked to mo and and I need you guys can weigh in on this I saw Molly before our game on Friday they said well if you question I'm I'm only with the seven seven I said how do you think you'd be treating the better if you were the number one pick like what would be thinking now any star I said I wonder if you'd be is beloved if you were the number one player as opposed to the seventh pick and I don't think he would be LL dot I local small but we number one you are supposed to be asleep and so it's hard to escape that and so part of that I think that it is a undertakes criticism no part of the new things you have to get better so yeah I hope we can do more and certainly I think you should at least we believe would have done it if we didn't think he was stepped Raymonda clay and so part of.

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