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Donovan kevin wilson safety from texas am with the two hundred thirteenth overall pick and they had a couple seventh round picks <hes> the two hundred eighteenth pick overall was used to take mike guebre underclass running back from ohio state and i got i got to at least say that peaks curiosity when he leaves early and then ends up being a seventh round pick now they already have a couple of ohio state buckeyes on the depth chart. They're in big rod smith. Was there with elliott a year ago and now you had mike weber into the mix with the draft. If you don't figure a guy like that is going to play a lot i presume rod smith but alfred morris is there on the depth chart jordan sean tony pollard good thing ezekiel elliott signed. Are they panos too much. That's yet to be seen but <hes> they tended lyle collins jalen. Smith cowboys are serious about putting something bundy gather for a while not just chasing something from year to year and that's what that's what happens when you try to do the dream team thing in the national football colleague just reviewing draft <hes> big big pick for the new york giants they took god daniel jones sixth overall surprise as pick at least in the eyes of cleveland browns quarterback baker mayfield dexter loris huge pass rusher. We didn't get to see him january for glimpsing because he was suspended <hes> seventeenth teeth overall pick silicon for the giants had two number ones they used one of them on dextra lawrence de'andre baker a and of course the browns gave them that pick in addition to djibril peppers a first round pick in two thousand thousand and seventeen julian love quarterback for notre dame in the fourth round owes shane za za minus this defensive end from old dominion dander baker quarterback from georgia h. A. gary payton familiar name from auburn corey ballantyne quarterback from washburn. I'm mary with me but i was around washburn because i don't know myself chris layton defensive tackle from syracuse and george asaf oooo agi tackle from kentucky wow with their other <unk> seventh round pick two hundred thirty second overall eagles didn't have much <hes> in the way of a draft but they took andre dillard tackle guard hybrid from washington state with the twenty second overall pick. They took the successor to saquon barkley. That doesn't really mean anything. Mile sanders could move the eagles also acquired jordan howard in the offseason j._j. Are siga whiteside wide receiver for from stanford double dip on penn state a little bit thinking sharieff miller in the fourth round with one hundred thirty eighth back and then they took the northwestern quarterback clayton layton thorson and that's what the eagles needed proved that they needed some shops. They brought in josh mccown. That's how desperate they were. At the quarterback position redskins spent the fifteenth overall pick dwayne haskins from ohio state as second first-round first-round pick they used it to take monte sweat edge rusher from mississippi state hooked haskins up with one of his ohio state targets terry maclaurin lawrence in the third round bryce love one time i had heisman candidate from stanford hundred twelfth overall pick west us martin indiana ross pure sharper offensive lineman alabama coal hawk on linebacker north carolina kelvin harman wide receiver north carolina state jimmy moreland from jimmy madison yeah quarterback from james madison taken with the two hundred and twenty seventh overall pick and then another defensive end from oklahoma state jordan braille offered taken with the two hundred and fifty third pick and you know the redskins treated for alex smith one year next year the trading for case keenum. They've got called koi. They bring in dwayne. Haskins ends up being case keenum job basically out of camp. We'll dwayne has split. I think it's the same question. The giants are asking themselves..

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