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So many of these machines and you're right about this it evoking the memories of a bygone era but what's crazy chuck is that these things are still in use today you can find them all over the country yeah and they're still working and there this is what's amazing to me they are the original machines that were made for about a seven year period during the 1960s every mold arallo machine that you might encounter including ten at the toledo zoo by the way i am let's were built in the '60s and have been operational ever since three talk about the history well first let me ask you this you have did you did you ever use a muller rama when you were a kid now are you didn't know and i'm dying now to go do on as an adult so they're still around yater stiller they okay i actually i got one at there's this thing and not toledo called will actually to mommy which is a suburb of toledo but it's called the children's wonderland in it's like this amazing three d christmas walk through dire rama basically the just nothing can put you in the christmas spirit as a kid better than children's wonderland talent at the end of this there was a moeller aama machine and it made a gold smelly plastic he angel was kind of boring boring christmas angel but it was mine and i was so glad to have it and i have no idea what happened to it i'm sure broke pretty quickly but i i was like holy cow i've had one of these before i had no idea what it was called that it was mold irama but i looked it up and actually found the angel well i think that's the cool thing about these as a kid is it's not putting your your quarter in a gumbel machine and seeing all those things and one of them falls out right this is made just for you right in front of your face yep.

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