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The white house and us state department planned to host an event promoting cleaner and more efficient uses of fossil fuels at the climate talks next week for npr news i'm dan yellow chas though in bonn you're listening to npr news supply run for the six astronauts aboard the international space station scheduled to lift off shortly one of nasser's chief suppliers orbital eighteen k plans to launch a cargo capsule from wallops island virginia the first such launch from wallops island in more than a year in china today it's singles day npr's rob schmitz visits the country's biggest shopping day of the year the holiday is sort of anti valentine's day in china has evolved into a day of online shopping madness that generated seventeen point six billion dollars in sales last year nearly five billion dollars more than sales in the us on black friday each year alibaba c jack ma hall to count on gala last night's event was headlined by musician for rail williams stocks were mixed at the end of a bearish weeks steve back nurses well the nasdaq composite be got a slight gain the dow jones industrials lost close to twotenths stocks had been repeatedly breaking records partly on hopes for corporate and other tax cuts but this week wall street had to confront the political reality that agreement on any kind of tax overall won't be quick or easy as the week began the long rally continued but later share prices suffered broad setbacks as conflicting republican tax reform proposals on the two sides of capitol hill caused disappointment and uncertainty among investors during a thursday sell off the dow fell more than two hundred points at one stage before recovering for the week the dow is off half a percent while the s p and nasdaq or down a fifth of a percent for npr news i'm steve back ner and this is npr news support for npr comes from npr stations other.

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