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Bacon and fried in the back actually bacon does make you feel like life is a lot of room they gives it yeah this morning we are starting off cold is going to stay that way throughout the day your WGN twenty one degrees west Windsor northwest wind five gusting up to twenty four actually of the wind chill right now of all weather other temperatures well these the woman won the Westchester old timers who is caught with twenty seven degrees twenty four university Chicago lab schools public only ten however in Harvard wind chill there five below it's eleven any odd box like a twelve it's fourteen in St so that read our composite no snow or rain anything like that around here mainly clear for awhile this morning and it looks like some clouds this afternoon but it's not like it's going to be a mostly cloudy day make a huge difference becomes the temperatures just the colder the spilling into our region but hardly coldest air will stay for northeast once we get in the afternoon I was looking for a little more cloud cover there and for a while this evening and clearing up much of the overnight hours but strengthening southerly winds means warmer temperatures in here as early as tomorrow fourteen day will make it back in the lower twenties ASAP new bridge going to feel like public low to mid teens as the clouds moved back in the region then tonight mainly clear temperatures bottoming out mid teens public early youth with rising temperatures late in the overnight hours a continuing to rise here tomorrow highs in the mid upper thirties and lower forties for Friday mid forties for Saturday flirting with fifty on Sunday and Monday and guess what Christmas Eve we'll be looking for a White Christmas I think the chances are very slim with special with a high of forty five degrees expected them to have to get out there makes a man made snow for Santa's sleigh we don't have any snow out there that some good news especially on always good news on the roadways because then you have to worry about all that slip and slide around the lake shore drive right now looks great no major delays as you're heading southbound or north bound just past North Avenue here heading into downtown you are in.

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