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And how do you know it's actually canadian a definitely no it's not actually i liked the bacon egg and cheese me griddle cuff all guys i now like the make greta and it cracks me up i haven't met a single girl i know who's like i like the macron no girl guys like material and i'm like us this is naval here in this campaign whatever's little children died and that's a surprise case there is no way we financed repair gate oh my gosh spain other speaking of president trump and and again i just have since he of mcdonald's one of the best jobs i am not kidding to this day when the best jobs have ever had my wife was working at mcdonald's sure taught me about organization teamwork streamlining verdict goal job separation yet at the same time horizontally integrating kidding you're in every way it was such a great job other than certain coworkers and customers customers are always the problem poisoning the world yup dealing with the public is always the problem here if you can lean you can claim this at but it was and it was a great poise like you you know what we can keep this restaurant nice and clean and need to know why not we should president trump loves fairly we know this we always knew he like me mcdonald's fastfood ray but when he normally would stop during the campaign in a single sitting this is the part rama while even when i was like a rapidly growing 15yearold i didn't eat this much in a single setting amplify and i played sports you know baseball basketball football i work mcdonald's anyway two big macs to fully officials and a chocolate milk shake all what that's like but michael phelps they training for the olympics and niddle drinking for anything other than the retirement home now he's not doing that sadly now he's hanging in there dan mason tanked and that's malania saying by the way jiang it i now it's ridiculous be helping us and we calories two thousand four hundred twenty calories one hundred twelve grams of fat here's the problem i have with this stupid article it's not the fact immoral shit sugar that chocolate milk shake i'm telling you is like sixty grams of sugar and the.

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