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I had Beverly Brome joepat Perron. I had Richard bell and. Beverly Brown was was very helpful. She went to Yale and. You know, I was really, really close with her. And you know, it's funny, you people when they talk about all these different. I was thinking about it. There was so relaxed. I mean people used to go skinny dipping. And then you, you know, you'd meet people and you'd be naked. So. So. But Beverly was from the midwest, she was gay. Yeah. And she and here I was kind of big muscular, kind of Italian guy, and she really educated me, and I would do anything for her. She just and gave me parts that will hard for me and helped me in my writing. Help me what to read was the big long or so much, and she always came to all my plays up until she passed most the biggest challenge for you initially. Being confident not feeling that I was sophisticated and not being well, read enough bring I just felt I was like sensitive here, and I could feel when I was not up to snuff for being, you know, why would get nervous off and not want to embarrass my right? And then but once I got in there, then I didn't feel the same. I've always been better with one on one with teachers, not in classroom. Yeah. Unless they gave me a text or something, and then and then I studied after college with remain Robert Motoko, who was worked with sandy Meisner, and he, he, he made a huge impression on me. So when I went back to yell I was pretty well trained. I was better trained than most of the people in that class, I would say and he did a lot of theater here with the west breath and theater, but I had good training. So then I could take, you know, vocal things in the mood. Movement things there. And I got to work a lot at Yale with a lot of very talented people in who is in your classic. Charles dot Angela Bassett supreme Sabrina LeBow. And that's where you met Francis to Francis was a year ahead of me. It's I'm Joel and Joel would see me and plays. And they made movies yet. Well, when she did blit simple. I went to see that. And that's Joel. And ethan. And, and then I had done this play at the Gino Neil center right after Yale that Lloyd Richards, who was the dean of the drama school was the head of that. And I met John Patrick Shanley, and I did deigning deep Lucy and did a bunch of things, which on, including five corners, which a lot of people saw me in this kind of explosive King Kong kind of character. And that's what spikes on me. You know, he's like man I so you throw your mother out the window, you know, like I said, listen, Shanley wrote that I did it. But jolan. Ethan knew my work through that and also through theater and spike in those guys. They I mean, you've you're, you're there guy in a lot of movies. Well, I've been there out of spite and sending them a lot of spike movies. I've worked with Joel and Ethan four times. And but in the theater with Ethan, and they, they executive produced romance and cigarettes. Okay, James Gandolfini and Kozly has said he's, I know I was saying to someone the other day, Steve alien I said, you know, James James is one of those people that I still can't get my head around here that he's not here..

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