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Have you. It is the weekend with joepags. Thanks for stopping by lots going on lots to get a lot of people. WanNa be heard. We'll take plenty of phone calls This show because people are up in arms about what to do when you see week feckless leadership allowing criminals to overrun their cities. And and you should be heard. This is how you affect. Change YOU RISE UP. You make noise you protest. You do it peacefully. Because that's power the momentary power of burning down. The autozone doesn't affect change that you believe needs to come to the neighborhood and all that does is burned down a the neighborhood business that was employing people. That doesn't help anything and again. Keep in mind. Those of you electing these leaders who are strong on covid yet week when somebody you know Starts TO BURN DOWN THE POLICE STATION. You've got to rethink that. You've got to do better next time. I'm blaming the voters in these states. You have the power you don't think you do but you do one eight hundred. Five zero one seventy eighty also a great interviews for you today. Lady Johnson is a guy running against the and Omar in the district. Where this all happened. He's the guy thinks should win in November and he and he's actually got decades of history bringing people together in Minneapolis. We'll have him on the program. Also have sheriff Mark Lamb in the program. We've talked about police procedure. What is proper? What is improper? What do we do about things like this and much much more? Let me get a line. One eight it's our friend Scuba Mike. What's up Mike? Hey Joe how you doing Everything I was going to stay has already been said and I agree with it all so touch on something and I haven't heard anything about today. So far in the program I was watching this all clip van Jones the other night and according to Him. This is my fourth because more Americans. We need to look inside of ourselves for our own racism in this society of Racism. And it just you're Dashti if a black guy on TV. Who's wearing a suit? That probably costs more than I make a monk is GonNa sit there and look into. Tv screens helped me back here. In New York that I'm a racist because some copying Minneapolis put his neck on some Neon somebody's neck. I mean it's just well my I've gotta I've gotTa tell you this though. I don't agree with Van Jones on much van. Jones got in big trouble this week because he dared say they were the white liberals who voted for Hillary Clinton that are allowing this to happen. He got in big trouble on twitter. He got in big trouble with the left because he actually said the truth for once. I didn't see the sound bite that you're talking about but the one that I'm talking about happened and Van Jones really got lit up it. What probably happened before the war is so off. I'll because he got lit up despite changed his phone brain and everybody else you know the race hospitals we're gonNA come out of the woodwork. We all knew that and we all knew that before this guy on. Tv would just me on his neck protests? Why they didn't have the National Guard in there. The first rock was thrown. All to do was lying. These cats up with their shields in their rifles and nobody would have done anything. A big show of force as one of the reasons why on times where we things like this go on. People don't appreciate how much reading we have here is because I've been to other countries in my you know being scuba diving instructor. I've traveled to Third World countries where the tourism trade is big but everybody else in the country lives like crap and there's guys with machine guns on every corner so nobody even thinks twice about making a move. I'm not saying guys machine for Korn here. But when trouble star we need to show some force Mike. I hear you appreciate it as always. Yeah Tim Walls this governor in Minnesota failed miserably. Five days before full mobilization of the National Guard. Five days of mayhem let that sink in and today. He's blaming white supremacists. I think the guy needs a drug test me clearly unfit for that job. That's for sure. One eight hundred five zero one seventy eight. They've got about a minute for you. Sean make it happen. Let's go yes sir. Just that curiosity. Where did the racism cards start at? I mean is it. Is it always racism when someone of color is abused or killed if it's not by someone from their own race 'cause it's twenty four seven media and all? I hear Racism Racism Racism. It was a couple of bad guys. That physically abused individual who ended up dying in their custody in their in their custody and all of a sudden the race card gets thrown out there. This A. IT'S A it's A. It's a great point because I don't see any racism on that video. He's not using the n word. He's not calling him a black this and that he's just a horrible horrible person who's got his knee and the neck of a guy who is complying and who is not a threat at all. So you're right. I don't see anything. I don't see anything in the video that suggests racism to me. We have to understand race opportunities. I appreciate the call race. Opportunists will always jump in and try to take advantage of the situation. And that's exactly what they're doing and people have fallen for it. Hook Line and sinker George. Floyd should be alive. Would happen to him was horrible. And this guy should pay doesn't mean there's racism involved. Give it much more to come on the weekend. This is the weekend with joepags across America. It's the weekend with joepags to talk to Joe. Call eight hundred five. Zero one seventy eighty and now the weekend. Here's joepags remedy or stations across the land. Joepags dot com facebook twitter instagram email. It's all right there. Plus the live video feed. 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