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Now, I think about it's counterintuitive, and that means the public it's just like three straight scores. And I think because of that I might get a better when explain that real quick three straight scores. Yes. So the public always likes to bet with the prop is will there be three consecutive scores. And usually the normal lay price is on the yes, yes is usually a big favourite like minus one eighty and then the no is like plus one sixty and the public looks at it and the and the public says, you know, what that could happen. How are they going to score three in a row? These are both good teams are going to go back and forth at the public loves to bet. No there you said that could happen. You actually mean the opposite. Which is that's hard to hard to happen rice straight scores books. Like, oh, I can catch this ticket es and plus money payout. Correct. And the normally what happens is that that prop Vig goes. Down such that you can lay minus one fifty on. Yes. They'll be three say across the NFL database on that should be like, no vague minus like one seventy five. So you're saying if you're laying one fifty it's a positive bet exactly in the higher the total the better because there's more scores more likely to get three in a row in mine is two hundred on this proper around town. So if you saw place that has minus one fifty on will there be three straight scores. Yes, please. Let me know because I've seen one ninety in two hundred. I think you'll see it on Sunday that feels like a prediction of where the line might go. Well, by the way, man, he's really good at that. I'm just thanks now. They're down. Yeah. One fifty. I would bet it I I was just asking actually no one out there. And I think what he's saying is it's one of those times were to bookmakers are going to put out the math number in the batteries are going to maybe move it or maybe not. And by the same token, we're talking about that one and a half yard touchdown. I think that the public is going to say, well they could easily. And entire game without a one yard touchdown. I'll bet there won't be a zero one yard touchdown plus one seventy plus one sixty and maybe derived that number downward don't you believe that the public's more educated on these type of things than they ever have been in the history of sports betting. And and this is one that gets brought them. No single. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, three straight scores. Everyone regurgitates the same value is on three straight scores. Every single year. I'm seeing minus two hundred across the board. And it's Wednesday now in props up and out for a week..

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