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News. Our top story, there's been a deadly end to a brawl in Broten beach on the Columbia River k two's, Genevieve, Rome, says the man was shot to death. Police say there was a large group of people here at the beach when some sort of fight broke out someone shot a man, then ran off along with many others. According to officials as officers were arriving on scene. Someone was trying to save that man's life doing CPR, but ultimately, he died here. Officials say no arrests have been made and police. Witnesses will now speak up. Republicans in the Oregon legislature tried to pass a Bill that would have changed the gross receipts tax. They call a hidden sales tax eleven ninety has Bradford has more. The gross receipts tax will apply to all businesses in Oregon with income over a million dollars a year. But you won't see the tax on a receipt, when you buy something that's why Republicans call the hidden sales tax sponsoring a measure to exempt some items. They used a procedure to get it out of committee motion to withdraw measure from committee is not debatable. The measure would have exempted items like baby. Products feminine products, soap over the counter medication toiletries, and even toilet paper having not received the requirement Georgie is declared bailed. Democrats who hold a supermajority defeated. The Bill Portland city council is recognizing pride month Asia, Blair, Portland, mayor, Ted Wheeler is executive assistant says the city still has a long way to go being a person of color, and a member of the LGBTQ, plus community. I know from firsthand experiences, the hardships, Wuling anymore, shnell labor, many if not all of us in this community face for just.

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