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Placebo. After 28 days, 11% of the patients died compared to 15% of those who got the placebo and lots of us are struggling. Also with middle health is the pandemic lingers on, But help is on the way and it's free. The help comes from the counseling center of Maryland every Friday It's offering a free online session from 9 A.m. to 10 A.m.. Once you're logged on, you can talk with others from the community and counselors. About how they're doing and how they're dealing with the pandemic. Many people are struggling with anxiety, depression and increased use of alcohol and drugs in November. The center is also hosting a panel discussion with therapist talking about coping skills and strategies to reduce some of the issues. Kyle Cooper, w T. O P News and Telemedicine is catching on about a third of visits to primary care doctors are happening virtually, but one doctor is warning. It's not always good. There's not a one size fits all approach here at the Johns. Kans Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dr Caleb Alexander says if you have new symptoms, new shortness of breath, some other new physical complaint. It's just really hard to thoroughly evaluate that by telephone or over a computer, he says. Covert concern shouldn't keep you from in person care, hospitals and health systems and doctor's offices. Are all working, and they've all redesigned their work flow to varying degrees to minimize risk. Christi King w. T o P News 13. It is domestic violence awareness across the country and more local county wants you to listen up the lot on county domestic abuse in response team, or Dart says that while avoiding public places and working remotely may curb the spread of Corona virus, people who are surviving domestic violence may be in danger by staying at home. Dart says that this is an Epidemic within an epidemic. Judy Hanley of the Loudon abused Women Shelter. We have a shelter with 12 beds that has worked for us for 35 years until this year, And now today we have 24 people and shelter If you are suffering from domestic.

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