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You can't not have paulie shore baggage. I don't yeah his performance in the army. Now from what I remember is a little restrained you know he's still paulie shore doing Polish or things but compared to like this or the weasel. He's a little restraint. 'cause you know he's supposed is to be more of the hero type and so. I was a little surprised by how essentially stoned he is in this but yeah this is is my first time on bio dome duty now this. I actually didn't look up is this Stephen Baldwin's like I said suggestion. What was what's his arc at this point yeah because it's funny like they would have been like hypolito obviously had like at this point. You know these are like not hitting at the box office or whatever but like why were they like pair him with Stephen Baldwin people who knew Alec Baldwin is hot. That's why Alec Baldwin Tall his brother. This is the movie that will kill your career so I'm guessing that's movie. Yes for this movie. Some guessing this this points Stephen Baldwin was already having some success seem involvement had been in Alana things up to this his point including the usual suspects which was ninety five apparently born on the fourth of July yeah. He certainly wasn't a success. The Way that Alec was does Cook could be the hottest man alive at the time man but you know Stephen Baldwin never really got that big right like they had to have been buddies in real life. I feel like I've been like okay. This one. We're going to do together sure was like a child of Hollywood so I yeah maybe they were friends in real life. I hope they were and then they got to make a movie together that no one saw and destroyed their careers that it was worth it because we're here here today talking about it back. We have go fund me for them to at the end of this. You're going to put the link right Senator for Plugs Jack. You're directing reading and writing and starring as both characters and Polish. He's available right. He's in charge of the comedy store and take it over yeah. I know he goes to my girlfriend's. Jim All right yeah that Gold's gym in Hollywood. Everybody check it out CAP. Why do you think most most people don't care for Dome. What's about to low. Why are people going Gaga for by Dome until you watching it as an adult. It's pretty tough watching it as a woman for one. I still love this movie. I love them and you know obviously has a nostalgia factor for me as well L. But on like Oh this is great. There's a great scene the classic scene toward the beginning of the film where r-maine characters bud and doyle oil don't have beds to sleep in in the bio dome and so instead they sneak leak into the beds of the beautiful scientists and begin fondling. I think sleep naked to them is naked yeah and then the begin in funneling them and then women enjoy it for a second because how can you not as a woman enjoy. Somebody's trying don't wake up but the only cub any response to being touched by stranger in your bed. Everyone would react that way so then they're like kick them out in the two man portrayed as like two naughty boys who were trying to sneak in like steel like a jar of jam or something like they're not they're not boys will be boys not as their depict girls not so much on the jam but boys yes well. They are the heroes of this movie right the movies always on their side. They're not environmentalists. Let's put it that way. These guys don't care care about the environment though their girlfriends do they want to pick up trash on earth stupid. They're dating them so yeah I they do. I I when I was watching the movie and Joey Lauren Adams Characters introduced and I said out loud chilly. Lauren Adams is dating Paulie shore and and love will then my girlfriend said she dated the realize when I was like him. I think boy but that was pretty on par. Are you know for movies like that. Then and still yes always have you know the most beautiful women in the world their girlfriends and the girlfriend forgive a lot yeah like at the end scientists or like you know the holiday scientists who eventually like make a move on that eventually these men batter the two women scientists into a form of Stockholm Syndrome where they want. I assume soon that's plausible. Reading I can put on the movie where they now want to have sex with these two men together in the same room. They tease them. They get I'm so hot and then Nigam Peacock and eventually but polly shore the the upstanding here of the film realizes. I've girlfriend makes the noble moving actor. Pauly shore certainly got to make allocated. Let me know for an extended period of time probably did that for an entire day. We get that one no. I don't think all right one move Kylie. Minogue is disappointed she's ever done. That's the biggest discipline not streetfighter is. She said the only movie that her father makes fun of her for was her dad. I probably Glenwood but you know it's hard out there right. This is like her next step. After street fighters street fighter two bio dome. It's like she made that step and then she fell into to a whole. That was not a lot after that right movies. Wise thinks really might have just done it for a lot of people actually now that we're kind of figuring it out. Yeah people generally not like this movie. It's like anybody trying to hire these. Yes Joey Lauren. Adams career never took off past Kevin Smith movies right Adam Sandler Adam Sandler. Wasn't she the one in big daddy she. That is her right yeah. She's adorable. She is a baby boy. Yeah Yeah William Atherton has never be William Atherton deserve deserve to be the biggest star in the world and I'd like to talk about that. Shares your live it. Oh did he die. Imagine somebody who's good is there must be dead right. Just lost him yet. Like that character. I think is a very tragic figure. He's he's still alive. He's seventy one years old for him living in Orange Connecticut him no sorry that's where he was born still lives. Here's the thing the turn of the Scherzer into psychotic maniac it's sort of arbitrary they like it would be great to have an antagonist in this movie now. I don't have one at the beginning is like stuck up scientists kind of in the same vein as as ghostbusters character who's like a stuck up you know like bureaucrat stuck up and thank and but then eventually what we haven't talked about is most of the movie takes place. I want to say like over the first ten days of the Bio Dome right there in the Bio Dome for ten days for the first hour and fifteen minutes and then they find a way out. They decide to throw up window. There was like a thin name of the candidate backdoor in the desert part of the Dome and they get out because the key's just there. If you don't have a key can just literally bust out. The tiny window is the strongest material cereal in the universe but the back door just has key but they did not bust out the window. They could not have busted out the window. You know a strong glass. Just someone left affect me there so they bring hundreds of people into the bio dome to throw a big party in an effort to impress their environmentalist girlfriends. They are not impressed. They're very upset because they've ruined the HOMEO- stasis of the Bio Dome but this is one of the best parts of the movie in my opinion partier after the party already already baby wax playing wax right band abandoned. They're gonNA bounce Halston. They're going to throw the party in the rainforest rainforest part sidebar bands tenacious d appears in this film Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The girlfriends are at a different environmental party. Just on a quad at Arizona Tech Environmental Parties met night in fact they went on a full environmental party Bar Madonna's throwing an environmental enviromental party shows up like a Gogo outfit. She's on that party. These two guys realize that these are the girlfriends friends of the now famous. Bud and oil on TV and they're like Oh. We know these girls like the environment. Let's trick them. What amend tricking women a minute with the women being very easily tricked so these two dufuses throw a party on a quad..

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