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Just to depression depression, but just like unfortunate events in his in his life, and it just you take your team to force it. We're rebels, you lose all four of them in various circumstances you retire. You start a family of two beautiful daughters than you. You have a son, and he unfortunately is diagnosed what they horrendous disease. And he actually is one of the longest reiver's of that disease. And then of course, chip Kelly himself gets diagnosed with mouth cancer and he's fought it beat. It came back and he's finding it again right now, and he was honored last night with the Jimmy v. award for perseverance. And then also Allie raise. Men was also awarded the Arthur Ashe award for courage. So if you guys have not watched the SP's last night or at least those two speeches, that presentations of those awards, I urge you strongly to go find them on YouTube or ESPN dot com. They're probably all over the place as they were quite quite moving quite moving. I mean, you have to hall of fame. Airbags coming out to introduce Jim Kelly. On that stage. And then of course alley raise men's alley Razman if you don't know who that is, gymnast who was spearheading and really big part of that trial against the trainer that had worked for the USA gymnastics team. So definitely go watch those as a little PSA moment here the being the show to let everybody know that that happened last night on Wednesday, and it was quite moving and stuff like something that you, you should go watch. They're also some lighthearted moments in this. If you don't want to go out some. I mean, it's it's not sad, it's it's, it's up losing. It's moving and it's up lifting, but there's also some lighthearted moments in the show. Danika Patrick was the host, which was interesting, and they also brought in a bunch of comedians to work with her and do some skits and such like that too. So it's actually a pretty good show. They didn't do. It was actually pretty fun of the fact that was very interesting how a race car driver gets gets the gig to be a host. Usually it's a comedian like, or Peyton Manning a least or something like that, but whatever. That was last night go watch the though botch the speeches and the presentations of those two wars, which are the big parts of the show. Really the main reason for the program they have usually every it's usually after the all star game. I may also it's like late mid to late July every year. All right, back to football. I know. Sorry, tangent. How to tell you guys that I felt like that was necessary. As well because it was it was raising it was really, really great, really great. Television really great being able to watch and listen to what they have to say because they both Jim Kelly over the years has persevere through so much. And then Allie raise, men has been able to like it's legit like courage so much to have to go up there and stand up to her her beauty and her attacker in her a person that did not treat her the right way. So yeah, that's it was it was quite amazing seeing her and talking and all the stuff that she said, urging urging us to to a call to action pretty much as well. She did during that during that speech. So I noticed that this fans football show Tom, but you know, we have to, we need to put our fans football stuff blinders away. Sometimes we get mired in our own lives and definitely need to be able to expand ourselves and go watch, take part in things that are important to us our part into important to us for sure. So. Back to the football. All right. We got about half with this segment. We're going to start on. We're gonna do to one or two different guys. Let's do one. And actually he's one of my favorite players and he's actually young player. I think he was. He was rookie last year from the university of Iowa. That's George Kittle tight end for the San Francisco forty Niners and I'm not a fan maybe a little bit, but no, it's because I really liked this guy and he's a, he's not the biggest guy. He's not gonna bruise. You not gonna Agron or something like that, but he's fast..

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