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Speedway dot com slash chris crock do you remember an and 48 in this friday and i'm gonna say once again it is beyond me why anybody would watch an nfl game anymore i mean they know that these people that are taking in the are using the anthem because they know what stabbed us in the heart they want to stab us in the heart they will not say the truth that the real reason that so many black men and women are dying is because they come from broken homes fatherless homes instead they blamed the white man institutional racism the police that's why they take any and they do it during the most precious point during the national anthem to stab us in the heart and as con cabinet said to fundamentally dismantle this country ultimately it's too go after the very rich white men the very white penned the founded this country and created the constitution that's not only with the says today to go after that basically they're saying we're millionaires and you make us millionaires screw you screw the cops screw this country you owe us and the nfl just came onto the incident down here they probably should stand but we're not going to make let's because they're leftists so it is beyond me why anybody would continue to wash the nfl usually i fell tickets that you already have and go watch watch him on tv or by merchandiser do anything with any of it anymore or make up facebook comment on how the game land to this that or to be a part of it all because all you're doing a saying you know what yeah they probably shouldn't again i really the screw them but i will let them use my face lucky urinal cake i'm going to enrich them and make them millionaires and keep them as millionaires while they wiz on my face basically because that's what they're doing if that's you if you wanna do that than you'd be my guest i loved the again i can't stat can't say there's enough i love that the nfl because they worship at the altar of diversity i love that they will not stand up to these folks as they hurt their brand remember again what would your employer do what would my imploded what would our employer do if we were hurting their brand publicly would they stop us with eventually fires of course they would not the nfl.

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