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A nose in need deserves puffs indeed. Hey, now I want to talk about Let's recheck all wouldn't want Lets book it, Jack. What about it? W g o we're gonna Oh, there's that tone on time to check in with Jim Bohannon. Jim, I was just pondering here for a minute. Um We just had a person on the air. Who was 14? Yes, I heard that wonderful demographic information. Yeah, we'll wait. I'm not even finished last hour. We had a guest in the studio. Who was 16. Now we had a phone call with a guy named Mark Miller. And I think he's 50. Okay, So I'm trying to figure out the average age of the people that we talk, dude. As I got on the air at seven o'clock, and I think it's an all time w G N record. The average age of John Lab Dicker and me is actually 27 Celsius. So you understand and whatever, at age, whatever age we're supposed to be, I'm sure you will agree that we're not acting it. We are certainly not. Heaven forbid. Got us this far and I refuse to thank you. Thank you. Bless you. Thank you. I want to be just like John Land that girl when I don't grow up all right here on WGN News Talk 7 20 soon to be available intravenously, by the way. Tell that to your friend with the radio. Okay, Now what I am this very coming morning here. The Jimbo had an extravaganza will feature noted Harvard attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz will look at the Supreme Court ruling. About the high school cheerleader who got kicked off the squad that said some really bad things on Snapchat. And the issue was, of course, whether or not she had that free speech right because she she did this Social media. Cursing off campus, So we'll talk about that. And we will, of course, liberally quote what she said. Over and over. I doubt if you're liberally do anything That's quite correct, sir. Thank you. Now it's at 1 30 this coming morning. You ask Mike Howell joins us in the Texas governor Greg Abbott plans to shore up the Texas border. He feels that the feds are not doing enough. We'll find out what they're doing. Remember the Alamo? That's right. Remember the Alamo Mode? And at two AM Terry Schilling? Well, he'll be here to discuss his plan to save the American family. So as you see, we get pretty deep. Yes, showers in the morning. Who could argue with that? I certainly think so. And piling it deeper. Something John and I have been doing for decades. Thank you so much. Mr Becker. Janan talk You again tomorrow tomorrow? Yes, indeed. Talk cause tomorrow is Another day. Mike. Hey, Mike, you're on, uh, on buggy check. Hello? A greetings turn. How are you? Um, pretty good. Listen, um okay. I believe that you're beautiful. 750 ft tall radio tower is located in Schaumburg, Illinois. Uh, you know what? I'm only going on What I've been told here at the station. I don't know. And I believe I believe it was built somewhere around 1940. It's been meticulously cared for all those years. Well, I'd stand or actually is sitting, I sit corrected. Don't Where do we get the It's in the promo that transmitters there Outgrow village and, uh, hamburger pretty close to each other. Maybe it's a repeater. Maybe it's our low power FM. We don't have what I'm getting. Feature and yourself. You sound a lot better in your studio. Then you do it or remote. Tell me about it. I guess you just did. Thanks. Thanks a lot, Mike. Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly. And you got to get no argument for me. Harry. You're on. Hello? Hey there, John. How are you? Are you good? Hey, Crawley, calling your little great beyond Oh, It's excuse me, and I'm a little parched hand. Let me hear. Mhm, uh, for me. Oh, that's good. Wait a minute. What are you drinking in the great beyond? Well, you know, you could have whatever you want up here or down here. I'm not really sure where I am. There's no windows A I don't know, but we we do hit movies and I gotta tell you Yes, I'm really excited about this Furious def nine, saying movie coming out this week that it's just so exciting. The fast and furious one Yeah, Here I I hear really sucks. I mean, I really I it has it has bananas in its tail pipes. I'm telling you, I have seems like the worst reviews ever, and I'm a big, fast and furious fan. Well, I'm not. That's disappointing. Yeah, because it's so disappointing because I was excited for venue because he goes, You know, it's not a lot of people could have a great career after they retire, and I think you know been doing that. That movie is really great. You know, he did so many years of broadcasting the Dodgers. No, no, no, no, no, no. That's been sculling, Not women. No, That's Vin Scully. This is Vin Diesel. Oh, well, never mind. There's a John. I'll just go ahead. Another one cold one. And, uh, maybe maybe I'll wait for it to come out on DVD. Yeah, sure, way to it. Or maybe VHS. Go better. You're in the great beyond. You probably still got BHS there. I would think we got. We got everything. You got anything you want up here. I'll go down here, and I'm not really sure once again where I'm at. Well, thank you, Harry. I appreciate it. All right. Well, we've been listening. Which everyone have a good weekend. I had I had this number by the way. Thank you. Did I tell you I have bins? I have his number. His vin number. Oh! Oh, God. That was such an up to around about comment. 312981 72 100 is the telephone number here on the boogie Check. Yeah, I think we can all agree easily. That coming into this WGN studios about the best thing Happened as far as me on the radio and long time now, Of course, there was an extended stretch of time when You know, the corporate thing was Keeping people from going anywhere and slowly step by step, you know, get vaccinated, and they come up with different rules who they're going to allow in here, and then they start relaxing him and as soon as possible, I.

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