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The pride passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul finebaum show hour three podcast. And we welcome all of you back. It's great to be here for the final couple of hours, let's continue with more of your phone calls on a busy day where the SEC meetings have ended with very little done in relation to the schedule. We have one baseball game in Arkansas one handily earlier. Tennessee plays later this afternoon in Knoxville and let's get to the calls and AC is in New Jersey. Hello, AC. Good afternoon, mister fine bomb, happy Friday thank you so much for taking my call. We are doing great. Thank you. Perfect, mister fine bomb. I'm up to rookie AC anymore. I became maintenance event they see. Now you can see a lot of differences because I want it more. I want to eat up all your losers out there. My question for you dear sir, what's your diet and exercise? Let's play some fine bomb. God bless you, man. You're about to tour in 66. You have an aged at all guy in an exercise, whatever you're doing, man. Can you please tell me and those fat Americans call us a look? I'll see you later. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I don't think anyone probably is all that interested in my diet and exercise, especially in my diet. But thank you very much. Let's continue. I guess. That's good. Estonia in Georgia. Hello stone, you go right ahead. Hey, Paul. Hope you're doing well. Appreciate you taking my call. Thank you. To you for a while, but first time I've called in here. I do want to comment a little bit on this Barrett was talking a little bit earlier about Brian Kelly and very successful in this coaching and all. I went back and I looked and 2018 when they, when they made it last to the playoffs, they got beat course by four touchdowns by glimpse. And I'm going to add big wins. I think they'd beat ball state. I think they, you know, they had some had some places, you know, they'd be some teams that weren't very good. Now, as you know, in professional sports, you've got the NFC. You've got the AFC and of course, now you've got the SEC. And that's where he's at now. And the idea that he's going to come to the SEC and in particular in the western division and win ten games in the SEC, I don't see that happening, Paul. Let me ask you this. I hear you where you are, but I've always thought Kelly was a spectacularly successful coach at Cincinnati and other places and before he got to Notre-Dame. But what do you think there is about Brian Kelly in relation to why he can't do it when you look at what at ouch you're on dud, did and less miles as well. And I'm not talking about less miles inherited from Nick Saban, he nearly won another national championship 7 years after Saban left. Well, listen, there's no doubt he's going to get the athletes. They'll issue that they attract high quality athletes. They got 5 stars everywhere. And so I don't doubt it all, they'll get the athletes. But game day, he's very emotional on the sidelines. We've seen him yell and string out profanity with his players at a Catholic school. Got in a little hot water with that. I just don't think that he's set for ten wins. I think if he comes in and consistently gets 8 or 9 wins, that's probably the ceiling for him. Did I just think the talent is going to be that they're going to be playing again? They beat an grossly overrated Syracuse in 2018. I think it was about 5 points, 14 to 19. And those kind of things aren't going to be on the schedule for him playing an SDC. No, I agree with that, but I think Brian Kelly is a better coach than at augeron. Quite frankly, I think a lot of people are better than coaches in Ed Azure. And he was a very good recruiter, but I thought it was a head coach. He was subpar. And I think he's a better coach and less miles who bordered on buffoonery at times. And he did have a bad period at Notre-Dame. And nearly cost him his job, but to his credit, he went out and hired a really good people. One of whom was Clark Lee as a defensive coordinator that he brought in Marcus Freeman. And everything I'm going to say, you know, but I mean, he's played for a title in the BCS era. He's been in the playoffs a couple of times in the, in the CFP. And I think he has a better chance of doing that at LA she was especially as the CFP expands here in three years. Thank you for the call. Do appreciate it. Let's continue and Greg is up next in Alabama. Hello, Greg. In Georgia. How are you doing? Good afternoon. I'll be pretty good. How are these all Alabama fans crying about the championship? Georgia had four or 5 or savers out for the Clemson game. Georgia could go 70 catching the ball. And Alabama can't go too deep, receivers catching the ball. And we got this old transfer of portal paid off name image a lot. So Burton next year, he gonna drop the ball and championship game. So as the year of the Dow, we're going to win it all again. John is up next. Hey John, you are on the air. Good afternoon. Hey there. John. I just want to say.

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