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They uploaded everybody you'll still have that jeez. So enjoy. So for this podcast we drink to pretty good randomly selected reds. Yeah. So one of them is the Lower East Surra from Washington's Columbia valley. It is pretty solvable. Spicy read it was actually really spicy came pretty. We had an accent. That was that was nice. Yeah, yeah, it was both red and wet. It's like when the waiter goes by Asif. You once fresh ground pepper on whatever you got. It's like you get to helpings in the line. Yeah. That was good. It was say I was always go for extra cheese here. Like let us know when you're done let us. You don't eat lettuce. But I go for three helton's of parmesan. Just plead on your plate as I become a grinded. I I were. lettuce I respect that I'm a slap a Pat of butter on that of what he said. He said lettuce the hell. So this one goes really well with a steak or rough. One good a good steak, if you did, like a petite filet that had little bit of little bit of a spicy, seasoning to it, or spare, and the next time you go to the bathroom. You just take a big old. Sniff. Stink p. Oh, yeah. We did the bedrock in which is an old vines in where an old vine, obviously, refers to how the grapes, have been or the vines have been existence at the winery. And, you know, usually that means they've been there for X amount of time, forty years, fifty years, plus and so, yeah, it's a nice very, it's got some fruit, too, but it's not like crazy. Overly obnoxiously. No, I thought the, the previous one had a pretty stanky compared to this one. I mean not knocking this is a great one as well. But this one's a little more subtle. Yes. Kinda surprised me. You don't see that in. Exactly. Yeah, but I mean more of a finesse, zinze, little. Yeah, we'll new on. Yeah. So we have move your views dot US, and that cinema vino podcasts, which is available multiple platforms. You can find. Yeah. But don't we also have some social media's? Yes, we do. And I like how you said, then plural. That was nice media's I have a I g or entering handle called Tate does V now. It's just me drinking wine with my friends and promoting. The wine we drink. So if you're please, follow cinema vino podcast. But if you're a picture of the wines Todd will post every once in a while, but also I post the wines, and we've had drinking Travis also is starting the Kamboi site. To, like, so I'm also starting Instagram. No, I'm not. I'm actually going to look into becoming Kamboi to supplement my income, and I'm looking for suggestions for like outfits and toys. I'm a big boy. I'm like four hundred plus bills. So any outfits, that you need to be four to five x and have to cover a, I'm gonna say fifty six inch waist, but. Any nipple clamps or I'm looking looking to get some like anal plugs have the little like animal tails, attached. I was thinking. Effective FOX called furry. I think it's a free, if you dress up all the way, but I don't know I'm willing to look into this. So. Cinema. Vino dot US movie reviews. Well movies that US let me know what kind of like. The sexy outfits and sex toys. I should wear and tabbies. Anal plugs, and FOX tails on in for change gears, trust, I had to know this one on record on here. If you were given a choice, this is a serious question. If you were given a choice to direct a new Holck, or new fantastic four, what would you do? All right. Because you just complain about both. Yes. Only those two no Spiderman. No X men to all right? So here's the thing. I love Holck Hoke has dog shit villains. Fantastic. Four is not bad, either. They've got a good incredible 's family dynamic. But all what I really care about about that Disney. Pickup is a fucking doctor doom. And I would really wanna do doctor doom correctly. I mean so that go hold. Who would you do your first villain? I mean like. I think he had pretty good villains. Now. I mean they were mostly mostly poopie, but the leader abomination, but they have much like, Disney has done, all of their heroes have had a similar origin or villains of had a similar origin to their hero in some way. So you do abomination leader and then later absorbed, and stuff like that. But it's just it's really hard to have a really good villain for a. Guy that's just like these strongest dude in the room. I mean, do you think with all the vendors thing, which obviously, he was kind of a side character. It's beyond to do you think they'll ever do a solo film of him again? I mean, they will eventually but Universal Studios still has the rights, and they don't have the same deal with Disney that Sony does to do their own sides, vitamin character. I mean universals given enough leeway to be like, yeah, you can use them in your stuff, and we'll take of that of injuries money. But yeah, they don't have as good of a relationship, I guess, to do a full on. That's why Hoke was such a big part of the ragnarok, they were like all right. Well, we're going to give you an arc issue but you're not getting your own movie. Yeah. Interesting. Adding context, after our Kim, boy, boy discussion, we need the mass sorbet after that discussion. We need a pallet. Cleanser. But this has been another episode of cinema vino and we thank you coming along on this Kamboi journey with us, I wanna samsar for doing trouser under the bus there Kamboi thing was kind of secret. And I kind of I mean, honestly, I was going to use this one way or the other. I mean are dozens and dozens of listeners, probably want to see, like, what I look like in the flesh. I mean, in the flesh, I mean, we're looking for the next live, why lie podcast. That's the big thing right now. Getting video fuck it we'll do a live. Live from Trump's bedroom can one hundred. Tokens freeview. Piggy pot. You gotta spend money to make money by these outfits and toys. I guess, take for Boehner's willing to put in the work though. And honestly, if I don't make any money that you make a hundred thousand dollars over twelve years. If you real good, I think six six at noon, real nice. You those dreams. Whatever, like health my drug habit. But yeah, we thank you for coming along this journey, and we will see you next time. I don't know if you guys have a sign off. Wind out, picking out. Dry, rabbit vibrator. Rhyme. Giving up, don't, don't let us. Tear down your dreams, ma'am. I just said to try a rabbit vibrator. It's like a bunny thing has got to it didn't rob. I can tell you. Okay. What? If if you're. Brown. Look at clown. From dirt if you if you ain't dragon, you ain't stag..

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