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$59. Michael and son. Robbie could weather on the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to Ian Crawford with this this early hour and the WTO P traffic center. Well, there are no capital beltway in Maryland remains quiet. In fact, maybe we talked a lot about Maryland this morning and with good reason because there's not been very much going on. Although Maryland state officials swear up and down they're supposed to be a work zone on the outer loop near route one college park. And it's supposed to be having trouble believe this because I've not seen it in the cameras, but again they say on the outer loop, just after route one college park heading toward I 95, supposed to be blocking two left lanes, have not seen it in camera yet. We have suspicions that it's not there, but if you see it, let us know 8 6 6 three zero four otherwise the beltway in Maryland is fine. 95 BW Parkway just a couple of small works of step around northbound 95 near the Baltimore beltway blocks the left lane, and then southbound BW Parkway after I won 95 single right paths to work. 50 between the bay bridge and the bellway uneventful and across the bay bridge, we do two way traffic on the eastbound span. Virginia beltway, well that's another matter altogether. Interloop work before and after I 66 to left lane gets by. And then from the dulles toll road toward point beyond Georgetown pike, it's a left lady get by that work zone as you head for the legion bridge. On three 95 northbound work before duke street has your dad with a single left lane and then there's more work of foot after glee broke northbound three 95 hang toward Washington boulevard and two left lanes get by there. 66 outside the beltway westbound work between nutley street and route 50 fair oaks. It's a left lane to get by there the ramp at exit 57 B is blocked before it adds to the fairfax county Parkway westbound 66 dead with single right lane going to do it again between 28 and 29 centerville according to the caller and then westbound 66 right near the plains exit

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