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So many of you came into public service because of him a very real sense because of you he is with US still unfor- that I'm grateful to all of you Jones appearance at the convention earned him a two minute standing ovation and led many to wonder if he was preparing to run for office after his speech at the convention it seemed the world beyond the tabloids had suddenly taken notice of JFK junior it reached a fever pitch when September one thousand nine hundred eighty eight people magazine in gave him the distinction of sexiest man alive he's the only non entertainer and the youngest man to have scored the title the era of JFK junior had arrived and he was only twenty seven years old suddenly with his movie star are looks winning charm and down to Earth personality John became the most eligible bachelor in New York if not the world and he certainly played the field John's exploits were obsessively chronicled by the tabloids and he was romantically linked to stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker who had just ended a seven year relationship with Robert downey junior brooke shields Cindy Crawford Julia Roberts and Madonna Ronna according to the book the good son JFK junior and the mother he loved John Madonna started a secret relationship in nineteen eighty eight the same year he was named sexiest man alive by people magazine Madonna had just split up with Sean Penn and according to the book the only place superstar couple could let their guard down was at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port where they apparently bundled up in sweater there's and jogged on the beach sadly though the relationship only lasted six months though they remained friendly before we go any further I want to tell you about another podcast you're gonNa love grownups read things they wrote as kids is pretty much exactly what it says sounds like courageous adult share their good bad and sometimes awkward parts of growing up it's recorded live on stage in front of me room full of strangers you'll hear embarrassing diary entries angsty teenage poetry and some pretty weird short stories it's really the two reminisce and think about who you were when you were a kid stick around after the credits for a taste of Dan Eisner's grownups re things they wrote US kids.

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