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Yeah and also my good friend. You've see contender algebra sterling funk master. Of course he gets a class. Of course he does US and anyway we're going to be at all did I say we're GONNA know you didn't I don't think you did. I took a picture of it. So I remember yes Chris and L. Joe talking about a MMA. We just read the text that Mark Lamonica from Newsday Kennedy's tax because otherwise. I'm going to be uncomfortable and as I read it. It's going to be talking about. I'm going Oh you matt hat. Abso- Matt Chris Knowledge. Okay Matt Sarah not talking to Chris. I'm an Algebra sterling talking about MMA. So I feel like my now I know no not at all that goes with it. As part of the Newsday live event series on Long Island. Okay meet and greet and autographed photos autographs and photos Tuesday at six thirty. I'm not a good I don't really I don't really they. Six thirty Wiedeman Wiedeman Al Jemaine at Hofstra University Students Center a few stick a few tickets. Jimmy are are still available at news dot com. MMA live. That's great. I'm so sorry. Don't be sorry brewer. Brunette do not want me on your show. Now I want you on my show. More few done that smooth that have no interest the fact that it's so much fun. Of course we will. I'm going to be obviously you can. Cash Kashmira degenerates on Netflix. It I'll thank you buddy. Also I'm appearing The third and the fourth April Third Foxwoods in Connecticut Casino and then Wilbur Theatre Theater in Boston and finally returning to Boston April fourth tickets are selling extremely well so Listen thank you and We'll see we stopped with finished. I need the bathroom. I want to talk a little more Janie my county..

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