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Cab that state trooper noticed in the they turned out to be part of those codes so it's just amazing what you can find out with this area would not have known I obviously I knew that all this was going on but this the different symbolism I guess and you know just thinking about it it really makes sense to where you can drive down the street with on a Saudia truckin summit will know who you are or be interested in what you're interested in so I'm totally makes sense I guess I just never really gave that much thought but I'm glad you did took an and again this all evolved on its own I mean I started out with crime scene I did knowsley crime scenes that had you know we get a lot of inquiries for things just like Santa Maria which isn't a crime but if you're in an area of the country where author doesn't understand that at all they want you to explain to them what it is a lot of times I have to tell people well that's not you know I do a threat analysis I'm like that's that's not a crime at all that's what they practice and the you know the religion and it's protected and other times I'll get an inquiry and I'm like Oh that that's really bad you you need to get on that right away and this is what you need to do over the years you just develop I'm pretty much look at something and and tell you immediately what type of group that's affiliated with not as does it come off and where there is a a cross section where they come across something that is religious but yet will still have some dangerous connotations to does that happen on that happened since quite a lot especially well just across the board in my homicide cases a lot that happens because a lot of the cases worked on which involved the worst types of crimes like torture they there's people that actually practice things like say them so they will harv symbols into the body bill and they're usually religious symbols they will desecrate I mean you know symbolism isn't just the actual symbol when I do my homicide consulting symbolism is the date the crime was on it's the position of the ball auty it's the trauma what they did to the body how they arranged it body parts being removed everything has meaning insert in those types genes in addition to any symbolism that's there so the actual positioning of the body becomes part of the analysis I have to do and dome pretty heinous stop some of it is part of a belief system that they're doing it for others they're inventing their own a lot of times if they're young offenders they they're like mimicking television movies and and heavy metal music has really gone and put it this way the Internet and the and television and and all of the sort of glorification of like criminal Ma signs and these stock you menzies has really created a lot more homicides I mean well thanks for example I think it was either HBO or showtime did a show called Dexter about Sir He was a serial killer did bloodstain pattern well there were two homicide copycats from that I mean fifteen years ago and I've done a lot of documentaries I've participated in documentary the just the discovery the learning channel discovery channel was going to do a whole series on on the case as I worked on but back then they decided not to because they thought it was too much Approach for for people to watch now they're doing everything I mean now there's like no limit between the net flicks shows I mean so it's really created another problem for analysis because now you have to factor in whether they're copycatting these shows Lake in one case they used a soul so I had to why and they had the DVD of the soul film series by. gotcha crazy stuff so it's just it's a little bit easier when it's a straight up gang or terrorist organization it's it's when the come in and and it has a lot of different unusual things too but the fact that it's unusual usually puts me in the direction of looking for it being influenced I culture from hell yeah it's taken a long time but like I said by the time I when I get the call and get the details pretty much tell you know get the ballpark of what it is because just experience learn as we were talking I was thinking about Dexter interesting about silence of the lambs I was I didn't think about saw so so yeah this that's really really fascinating how do you detox from that I mean you see these crimes it's very hard I could emerge in fact I think I think one of the reasons in the past couple of years I started doing more work on writing don't be anti-police movement and the war on police and then the symbolism associated with that was because I was getting a little burn from the from the case yeah I it's like you know just did it for a long time and I'm I'm trying to it's just so much easier to write a bell other things right now and you know I will occasionally I will initially help if I can but I'm trying not to get in involved as much as I did before because it's just very disturbing because a lot of category of it yeah back comes up to but it when I I did this people didn't believe me when I first twenty five years ago when I when I was doing analysis of like beheading I you know I'm like people actually are beheading in ritual academics did not believe me they said Oh it's a they always think it's a form of psychopathology or mental age and I'm like no no it's just a ritual when the jihad has started doing it and then the cartels both from them him I was like see I got to say I told you so but it just was unheard of and there's big distinction between my background which is more anthropology and philosophy and people who are trained in behavioral science and Alice's behavioral science profiling is based on personalities in psychology where mine is based on coal sure it's a very different perspective I don't really think any of the people that I'm dealing with our psychopaths because that it does not help at all in analyzing it and most of them are actually highly intelligent and know exactly what they're doing it's just that what they're doing shocking that behavioral analyst just think they have to be mental patients to be able to do it but I look at it from the perpetrators point of view not from our point of view and that methodology works so much better cross culturally it works very well uh-huh and analyzing like unusual things and like Pakistan or Afghanistan or because again I'm not labeling it but that's once you do that you can really understand and you can predict you know if they're going to do it again on sometimes now as far as the as far as the psychological aspect that's kind of a little bit of my background I got a couple of degrees in psychology so that's I can certainly understand them coming to you from that aspect or let me ask you this is there ever a nexus and where we're totally off topic I want to talk to you about but anyway is there an.

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