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Today is scheduled first pitch of Ford ten of course for the Mariners. They're looking to run their record to three know after that two games sweep against the as over in Tokyo. So that unusual schedule here in the spring of twenty nine team. But thanks kick into gear as of today. Former mariner Robinson canot in his first at bat for his new team. The New York Mets hitting a home run today against the Washington nationals March madness and the BULLDOGS tipping off at four zero nine in Anaheim against Florida state in the Sweet Sixteen the team that knocked out this eggs last season in the Sweet Sixteen. So certainly Mark fused guys thinking about payback and advancing to the elite eight among the other games today. Oregon taking on Virginia more sports in thirty minutes. Schrage here on your home of the huskies, KOMO news. I'm Tom Glasgow. Global news time to eleven a woman accused of being a fake heiress. Has faced a judge ABC's. Paula fares explains from the outside Anna Delhvi appeared to live a life of glamour, the globetrotting German heiress sporting designer clothes stain and fancy New York hotels at rubbing shoulders with the who's who of the Manhattan social scene, but prosecutors say that Delhvi whose real name is Anna Sorkin is a scam artist who stands accused of stealing two hundred seventy five thousand dollars from banks hotels and friends all part of an elaborate scheme to keep up her illusion of grandeur claims Sorkin denies I think that there's a lack of intent for any of the crimes in the indictment of what she did do is take advantage of a system that basically opened their arms and doors to anyone who had the appearance of being rich prosecutors allege among other things Thorkild told banks she was a German heiress in an attempt to secure a twenty two million dollar loan to open a private club. She stiffed a friend with a sixty two. Thousand dollar Bill after inviting her on an all expenses paid trip to Morocco and never paid for thirty five thousand dollar plane that she chartered to Omaha. Authorities also say she deposited bad checks and transferred the money before they bounce to help foot the thirty thousand dollar Bill. She racked up at the hotel. She was living in. Twenty-eight-year-old appearing in court for the opening statements of her trial on Wednesday. We're her defense attorney argued she never intended to commit a larceny saying she came to the US and was just buying time. So that she could launch her own business and was planning on repaying her debts. There is no way that she could have committed this crime the banks did not do diligence. They didn't look into anything. Because if they did they would know that these are inaccurate documents to the defense that she didn't intend to steal it. And she had every intention of repaying is not a compelling defense at all Sorkin story. I made headlines in New York magazine last year. Copy, I abo- shonda rhimes.

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