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Trending today usa my name's tom hinchey welcome back and with much anticipation now president trump releases fake news awards it's weekend they're funny amp brand i think they're spot on i mean there's there's but there are eleven of them and fc hysterical uh i think the first one was it not new york times paul krugman rumor he predicted that when uh president trump got elected uh the aisle landslide victory the economy would never recover he economy would never recover ray yeah the the thing that i actually liked about these fake news words i was i was more so expecting it just to be like some uh political theaters thing a forwarding what he's already said in you know look emma's embassy in cnn are all a bunch of fake news but he actually calls out specific reporters which i think is actually better like he actually cite specific examples of fake news like of exaggerations or misrepresentations more just straight of falsehoods yet know kenny yeah i was kinda wanna have general or specific would be it so it is it this list came out i didn't actually watch it but when this was came as long as being very special perfect so and we can verify that all these were definitely fake news like when abc news is brian rossi he sent the markets in a downward spiral with his false report right yeah well and he actually got suspended for that though he got suspended for a month over that ended and you know you and i talked about that when when that specific uh you know report came out about uh hit his inaccuracies there is a segment on the view we talked about an uh we had a a clip for megan mccain was talking about how it was ridiculous that everyone was cheering like like the the dodgers won the world series now with this whole report and it's like you know.

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