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So that's that's that on that. So you got my friend to call him. It'd be great because he's on the scene. But I don't think he's gonna he can't call in because he's on this case. So that's good. What does that say? It's the phone number. But we call it. In the parking lot. So. I wonder what the sound the there was some sort of explosion. According to the news that when they were taking this guy into custody. Well, they have a bird's eye view. Obviously the van is that is showing the pictures of the van before they covered it up. The interesting thing is that they're not from the chopper shots. They're not showing any of the Trump or the Hillary stuff on the van, and you can't really see it from helicopter. But there was a shot earlier where it was we're going to try to call that autozone. And see if we get somebody on the phone to give us an update from their location right now, the van is on a flatbed being towed away to the FBI headquarters. Broward sheriff's office made the arrest. The FBI is handling this case. It's their case. The president is going to address this this arrest shortly. Also, I'm told Amodio DOJ will have a press conference at two thirty is what they're saying. The president will speak sooner rather than later. You had a son on this morning in this guy. Whoever dish you go away for a long long time. I wonder if he knew something when you talk to him it's possible. Yeah. Possible. Well, you know, when they said yesterday that they were looking at these originating from Miami or Broward, they must have had an idea of what was you know? Other than the lack of the word. I'm saying. And I had that feeling too. And nobody's answering the autozone store. I'm guessing that they're standing outside watching in amazement that they got this guy and their parking lot. So Garrett keep trying if he's talking to somebody. No. Talking to anybody. Lettering. I back a few minutes. Again. I I didn't think they didn't answer because they're probably getting so many calls for the media right now. It's it's just ridiculous. But again, right now, the tow truck with the blue tarp is on state road, seven four forty one and plantation. Steer clear. Southwell the roads that they have to police vehicles on either side of that van escorting it to the FBI headquarters of Miami. Oh, two plus one. It looks like it's many motorcade actually the thing that that. I'm most worried about is how do they know if there's anything explosive in that van? They did not search that. I didn't see any dogs. Did you hear oh, those CNN is now reporting that authorities are investigating a package that was addressed to Kamala Harris, also this is a new one from just two minutes ago. Yeah. This is very interesting to watch this play up. Let's do this. We'll take a timeout. I'm on. I'm trying to get a hold of my Buddy's still if I get some more information before anybody else gets it. Which would be a nice thing. They are going. It looks like two miles an hour. By the way on state road seven unless there's a traffic could be a traffic light. And the police have to block off the side streets are going by that is Broward boulevard that they're going for right now. So they're stopping traffic at the intersection. That's why. But they're still actually no they're still going pretty slow. They're not moving at a fast pace are timeout. You're listening to the Rick Steven show choice here, the Florida.

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