Yosemite, Commerce City, Havana discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


In sports. Obviously, the Rockies getting a win will probably lead with that. I'm sure and we've got a little money news doesn't happen very often. So we need to 7th 7th Road win all season. 6 37 year old Colorado's morning news leading up to the skies, the jet copters where we find Dave Hunter, where you hug her hovering. We're in Commerce City right now. We were Wondering why the slowing for 2 70 westbound through Commerce City, we found it. There's a stalled box truck delivery vehicle. Some sort box truck. He's since there's not much of a shoulder on to 70. Let's face it. He tried to get off as far as he could to the right shoulder. But he's crowding that right lane to 70 westbound past Vasquez. And that explains the slowing all the way back to I 70 this morning. Now, Speaking of I 70 we have that wreck first Highway crash to the morning. Marty is he's found I 70 approaching Havana. We've got a shredded car up on top of a demolished guardrail. If you want to see pictures of this hit us up on Twitter at KL a check after backups now all the way to quit back for east founders in high 70. And for Brighton. No accident in the stretches. You know a whole lot of people on the roads 76 West downloaded up from 96 staff down to 70 coming into the tech center on 2 to 5 southbound you're having now from Parker Road down to Yosemite and from the bet, Fred Sports Traffic Copter. Good news south of the metro area where they had that big demolition project on the county line Road Bridge. They open boat north and southbound lanes way ahead of schedule as we get into the weekend, this report sponsored by the National Flood Insurance Program every year, wildfires burned through vegetation and leave many Colorado residents at risk for dangerous mud floods..

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