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I would judge you by wage should have thought about a life like yeah, then my girls get extension. All right. I'm just saying just saying. Mr. Potato Head is now Potato Head dead. It took away that's that's ridiculous. And so fucking crazy. It's crazy. All right. Well listen Derek. You're awesome. Who do you want to fight next? And fucking whoever but K super keeps getting popped up with Derek Miller versus a super blah blah blah. I love the fucking fight that dude. That's like child abuse bro. Yeah. Fukin, but let me let me get that child abuse boy. I mean come on dude, that guy has like three fights. He's he's two and one in the UFC so my right but you've had forty-five or he just beat huberty last week. I mean, I mean come on dude in the USA go by the Vice he has a lot. I mean he has a curfew. I I don't think I ought to get that. I don't think I'll get that fight. But that's what people keep tagging me. And I I kind of feel like they people actually believe that he's on the same level as me which is crazy. You know, I like that kid, but his parents have to sound like a wage a permission slip pretty goes to the cage bro. You can't fight that guy that he's way too young and inexperienced and on the I don't think that would be good with you know, what sometimes take that easy money off. Not this this guy you kidding. Mr. To like fight cows and shit in Nebraska. But when I'm supposed to fight his name keeps coming up taking fight Merc him and moved to the boss. Yeah. I mean if if they came and offered obviously, I I'm taking it but me I don't think it'll ever come across the board. All right. All right. All right. Well listen, thank you very much brother. You're the best your situation on that man. I was watching all the interviews. I was Center gone cuz I had watched other place. I was in good he fucking deserve that and it was dark. It was like no gray area where they can go. I don't know it.

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