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Today's episode is brought to you by IBM. SMART is open open is smart i._B._M.'s combining their industry expertise with open source leadership of Red Hat. Let's unlock the world's potential. Let's put smart to work learn more at I._B._M.. Dot Com slash slash red hat welcome to brainstorm production of iheartradio. Hey brain stuff lauren vocal bomb here in the latter half of the twentieth century. One George Ballas invented what he called the weed weed eater. It's a motorized we'd grass trimming device that uses rapidly revolving strings to cut down vegetation in small spaces without destroying the bark of trees. It's easy to use doesn't require much gas or electricity to run genius but perhaps not <music> as genius as humanities original weed eater domesticated ten thousand years ago goats of course using goats as mowers went wildly out of fashion for awhile in between that a now but using goats to maintain vegetation works just as well today. It did an ancient Mesopotamia goats are commonly used to control big swaths of land in cemeteries parks airports and even Google headquarters and though they don't cut grass and vegetation down as evenly as a piece of machinery there are a lot of benefits to using animals rather Ben Machinery and herbicides goats after all don't require petroleum products residential homes in the United States us about six hundred million gallons of fossil fuels each year on lawn maintenance and that doesn't even include green spaces like highway medians military. Hey Basis and public lands but we're there is vegetation goats can do a decent job of nine down invasive weeds in a more sustainable way. Also goats can turn that unwanted brush into milk meat and fiber like Kashmir. If you play your cards right goats are known for their nimble hooves which can get places a mower can't especially through rocky or wooded areas. They're also highly motivated and will accept the challenge of even the steepest slope Chicago's O'hare International Airport. Isn't it seventh season of using A. Mixed heard of goats sheep and donkey named Jackson to clear the grounds around the airport. All eleven acres. That's about four and a half actors in the past. They've also incorporated Llamas Alpacas into their grazing heard a plus goats eat a variety of different plants. They're not picky. Goats are browsers rather than grazers like cows and horses aggressors will keep the lawn mode but if you want an animal that will take a chance on an unusual looking vine goats are for you though practically always try plant they don't know and they can tolerate a wide variety of plant species though care should be taken to make sure there's nothing on the land that's outright toxic goats. Perhaps the only drawback is that you can't set goats out to work on their own. They need to be monitored because they're great escape artists. It's at O'hare national land cleaning is important because it keeps wildlife off the property because they can denude even the toughest bramble ticket the airport uses goats and other animals to take care of their stubborn overgrowth to keep wildlife and people safe. Wildlife composed safety concerns for aircraft taking off and landing and keeping the land cleared encourages animals to live elsewhere. If you want to rent a hurt of goat landscapers that's doable. There are many companies out there that will service your goat gardening needs and according to red wagon goats located here in Atlanta Georgia. Most residential customers can get their backyard cleaned up within the four hundred thousand dollar range depending on size and complexity. Today's episode was written by Jason Shields and produced by Tyler Clang brain stuff is a production of iheartradio's has stuff works for more in this lots of other Harry topics visit our home planet. How stuff works dot com and for more podcast iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts? Wherever ever you listened to your favorite shows would not story?

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