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Why they fought we're taking a look at the events in the decisions that led up step by step to the american revolution and to the war for independence and part of what needs to be understood is that our forefathers in the north american colonies were different from their english cousins partially because they so clearly understood the value of money now the english also understood money i mean remember napoleon wants supposedly referred to england as a nation of shopkeepers and meant that very derisively but in america it was different because in england you could be a very popular person you could have a lot of prestige if you had the right background the right family background if you have the right noble title it didn't matter if you were deeply in debt in fact parliament and the government wa was full of all kinds of aristocratic sites who would squandered family fortunes and had no money but america was all about money you could come to america like george washington's family did about one hundred years before this time and not have a lot of money and earn some and become a leading family everything was based upon money it was a much more open society and as a result people spoke about money far more openly there was considered to be nothing disgraceful about understanding the value of money what's interesting when you look at newspaper accounts of weddings and this really absolutely knocked me out there is one elizabeth stiff of virginia for instance who is a bride who was described as quote a very amiable lady with a fortune of a thousand pounds sterling that's what the wedding announcement stipulated can you imagine someone doing that today these these folks were not embarrassed to talk about money as a motivation for people and as a reflection of their hard work march fifteenth seventeen seventy one the virginia gazette announced yesterday was married in henrico mr william cada third son of mr john carter age twentythree to mrs sarah ellison relict that means widow of mr gerald ellison aged eighty five a sprightly old tit with three thousand pounds fortune pretty clear motivation their money mattered and that's why because of the recognition of money representing what people worked hard for what they save for what they built for and representing a family's future.

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