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So to me it would have been very interesting to see if we have more of jemaine 'cause to me even tessa tessa thompson was weird as well so there was no strange super weird so to me to understand that what is happening to cash is weird we needed to see someone else in the real world to react to the weirdness as well because i is to wears don't make it like two weirs is more weird that is something well also remains wasn't in this if there was a different actor in this and it wasn't a keith yet what if it was like daniel kalou i mean that's it would have been would have been different movie yeah better movie i think i think if it would have been and this is no district mckee's he's great but i think because the keith as a human being is already like off center it was a daniel it would have been more ground it would have been get out and get out so much weird should is happening but just a look that gives he's noticing just as we are something's not right whereas keith you're looking at it and you're going does he want to do this thing does this bother him like like you said is is like does he wanna help with the protests does he like yeah and i don't think it was i don't i think there's something charming to the fact that he's so weird though i mean like i guess what i'm saying is that didn't bother me that he was so weird and didn't have didn't have a buffer i li i did but i did like that germaine felt like a more grounded character than than most of the others like even you know like even well no i guess maybe not then most right like like tessa thompson was weird and lakisha was weird and was kinda straight was was that who glen yeah yeah it's kinda straight and so was and so was remain but like it didn't seem like their purpose there was to was to be straight men characters and i and i guess technically neither was lakisha like like you know he does participate they both participate in the complement fight and it is supposed to we are supposed to read this as a real fight that they're having but it's like other world brad deaf it was one of the this so basically what happens is acute is doing this white voice he's so good at it he's making all these calls they finally the steph's character organizes squeeze that's his name squeeze organizes like the union thing they all do it who squeeze that's that's glenn okay so they all stand up and they're like you know screw you f what's the company's name riverview yeah and they're just like we're on strike and the and the bosses are like no and they're calling people into the office interview so they call the keith in they sit him down and they're like they're like here your stuff you're out of here and he's like f you can't do this like no no you like you're going up stairs you made it to the floor how a caller power collar and we'll in about this is so funny this movie by the way who's that she's the white oh the way oh i was just want to bring her up this her switch into liken this dude was so quick in it's one of those things that black women i feel like allowed my prince talk about his whereas like oh yeah you make money all of a sudden the way women love you she easterly started living right now it's his uglyass suit that he has actually loves all of it oh so.

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