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Because you're listening to me and we're on the front lines we truly are when radios on the front always always have since two thousand eleven you're on the edge of their own expect from this program I was just going to better this the the content that we bring you off of this radio station well in the form as well but we're content over form radio and the information the education that you get her past it until people list of these programs not because we're ego driven maniacs and say listen we were cold I don't know because of what we do because of the content of what we do get the information out to people now it's crucially important to that now more so than ever because the media is not doing that job for you who in the media you can think of right now name one I double dog dare you think of anybody in the media that is bringing to the depth to what the breadth of what we brought you just on today's show and I wanna go to become part of that aside from having other fabulous input of doctor David gender but up think about how you're being short changed by if nothing else just the president of the university right down the street social down there university of Michigan that's stepping up and saying Hey you know what we made a huge mistake about China I would just this message on I would have I'm gonna I'm gonna write a form to I'd give it to him but he feel free to use it you have to give me credit we had huge mistake about trying to we want to walk back a bit here and reassess the situation we're not going to let any more Chinese students into the university if you call it was uniformly will give a damn because they've been taking information back from this university and other universities and using it against mankind against America and right now we're seeing evidence of that wow what a statement to make guess what it's true we talk about doctor bill Kaufman well referenced briefly a couple sentences there last bless our bill Kaufman's been on the show the bill Kaufman's along with this but he was he was ahead of the curve on this he L. aerospace engineer I think if I'm not mistaken as one senator Patrick Colbeck saw professors back when Pat was learn to be a rocket scientist and he stepped right up and said you know what the Chinese are not our friends are working against us there are literally working against us actively using what they learned at our universities and on top of that actively working against us in what Americans were so stupid to take over there when they set up businesses and thought Hey we're gonna make so much money over here well yeah at what cost so wake up people Peter you're on the edge right there on the extra time to add to the depth and breadth of of your shop your listeners there's two possible scenarios that would explain how the virus got out they hang on a second I don't know if you're on one of them they're Bluetooth phones on the side your head or what but it's coming through real fuzzy can you or can you put us on a real phone hello at this that better yes way better now we can extenders understand you go ahead okay so to add to that that but with your reporting for your listeners on there are two possible or likely possible ways that he will on virus got out while we're pretty sure that that bio lab there in China and they have to function they work on bioweapons but they also work on ways to protect themselves from and my guess is that because it got out and that they had suffered they didn't have the antidote if you will for a way to at least contain it for those who might have an infection well I got I appreciate what you're saying is good but it's speculation at this point you know it as well as I do but yeah yes yes yes yes I did but it did come out of China it definitely came out of China hundred percent out but how and here's to laudable the area of the but it could explain how Dustin do we stand one plays because your phone's doing it again I don't know what it is but it's going in and out slightly and and are you on a north Korean phone go ahead it could be it could be an old guard so option one is one of the researchers inadvertently contaminated himself and one for that market right all the books I've put that forth absolutely go ahead and then the next is one of the researchers that works in that lab as poorly as they are paid thanks for himself her many of these animals are going to get euthanized I may as well scoop them up and selling but yeah my family which I put forth in detail they do that over there all the time SO lab animals to a market for food at hundred related don't but anyway the sun not because if you will and but part of that but I don't think the Chinese would have let it out I'm sorry simply because we know that worked on our way to mitigate the risk okay well I appreciate I appreciate the call thanks good good information and and both both of your points I talked about the four weeks five weeks back on the show I'm not not mitigating what you said but but you know anyway just purging what you said but we've already been on top of that it's a known fact that in China to make extra money to make money period people will take a lab animals and sell them for food on the market this just speaks to what I said earlier if we've learned anything here from the Boy Scouts rule to be prepared how bout we be prepared get the hell out of China but you're still there okay because so much money to make stuff you should much cheaper there is a cheaper over there huh yeah I I wish I was saving money now saving money now I was a lot of money right now are we are we another Peter welcome down the edge their own thanks to my call first time caller I want to compliment you on having a real phone we can hear you go ahead yeah it's a new one to anyway buy Chinese made nine I'm gonna tell you know what you just said because I work in health care and Donald Trump brought up the other day and the problem is is what you just said on the face mask everything the medicines antidotes our stuff we relied on from China and now we're in his mind but I mean I had another person a coworker was asking on arms way today into a covert covert ward and they refused and they said they couldn't supply them with the proper on action because you know he's a limited supply well let me ask you this did they go in anyway because if they did that's not oh no they didn't okay good because not just for their help but they know as professionals and they're going to bring out give somebody else right well I'm a tech worker sama or those essential workers and it's it's scary you know and I've overheard some stuff and you know what's what's it like a drop in tennis and what's it like in a hospital community now are our people Bob organizer you talking about all this or what's going on well you can't move within the facility without you get checked over and over again but it is good to go sound like the roads are at four in the in the busy areas but it's stress levels high so if I went to the hospital right now with a heart attack my going to be battle in contact with one of iris more than likely I did not let me into you know the areas common areas so you'd be ferreted right in you know avoiding areas where they got set up triage for the potential I guess that's what I was asking a corona yeah I'll come to the same place heart attack people are coming in yeah they I'm sure you're going to be separated from but you know just.

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