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Our moments, a constant signal. W T O P News 103.5 FM will never miss a moment. It's 6 48 traffic and weather together on the dates on the B T O P Here is deputy Opie's McClure. Let's take you back out. Try to 70 of Maryland Will we have a couple of works? Does that just set up on the lock on the South bound side, causing some delays through German town in Rockville in a couple of stretches? The first Work zone was between routes 1 18 1 24 2 Right Lanes will get you by that one. And the other is between Falls Road and the split with a single left laying getting you buy no change with the crash cleanup activity on the inner loop of the Baltimore Beltway near the BW Parkway. Two right lanes are getting hit by still and we still have water remain water main repairs in Bethesda, near in H. Walter Reed that has all South bound lanes. Rockville Pike closed on the stretch between Alta Vista Road and Cedar Lane. W Parkway. Most of your delays are south bound outside the Beltway through Ford meet after Route 32 had a couple of minor issues inside the Beltway, affecting both sides through a Chevrolet near 202 and both were resolved. I 95. No problems there on the Maryland side, Route 50 East through Annapolis. We have a crash reported before round bull bar that was along both shoulders. Traveling west across the Bay Bridge, looking better now, with just a brief volume delay. If you make your way onto the westbound span, three lanes Western, two lanes Easter Open to you all the Virginia side 66 3 95 Nothing happened along those stretchers 95 still moving on the South bound side. We had some volume delays heavy at times and stretches on the north bound side between Route 17 and Fredericksburg. Breakaway point is found. No issues, reported J s Foundation repair has 0% financing and no payments for a whole year go through J s work dot com to schedule a free contactless. Inspection. Jus work dot com For details. Rick McClure, w T o P. TRAFFIC Let's get a look at your backto work forecast from NBC for Samara, Theodore and Let's give you a hint. It's going to be hot. A lot of the activity that we've seen this Sunday. Thus far has been west of I 95..

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