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Live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs the senate today rejected a republican amendment to partially repeal the affordable care act with a twoyear delay to devise of replacement the final rhonda votes will be what is considered a skinny repeal which would only get rid of the unpopular parts of obama care including the requirement that indicated israel's carry health insurance or face fines president trump is banning transgender people from the us military he made the announcement today in a tweet citing what he says are tremendous medical costs sent disruption to the military archives flame president of the national center for transgender equality says it's a bad idea as an american i do not want military ready now it'd be decided by a non expert with a twitter fetish who um who doesn't come up with a pentagon about military ready but the white house says it was a military decision decision spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders says it was made aid in consultation with members of trump's national security team the federal reserve has decided not to raise interest rates and fears john it's d has more in the statement following the meeting fed officials say that economic activity in the us has been rising moderately they note the job gains have been solid this year on the unemployment rate has declined has the us labour market continues to strengthen the fed is close to meeting its mandate to maximise employment however fed officials also note that inflation is running below the two percent target they think is best for supporting economic growth the concern about lagging inflation could pressure the fed to hold rates lower for a longer period fed officials do say that they plan to begin selling off some of the securities on their huge balance sheet relatively soon john it's sti npr news washington alstreet higher by the closing bell the dow up ninety seven points nasdaq up tennessee 500 up a fraction this is npr you're listening to double un my see in new york i'm jamie floyd connecticut governor donell malloy says the state's national guard at may not discriminate against transgender people his order today comes after president trump's tree tweet that transgender individuals shouldn't serve quote.

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