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Tell your smart speaker to play WGN Radio. Chicago's only 24 hours. Live news Next our media group station 38. Degrees at 12 noon. Good afternoon. I'm Steve writes that the news sponsored by next door and window 100 red scare, making some major announcements and expanding eligibility for vaccines and Illinois and also talking about re opening a return to normalcy. It will give you the details in a moment. Tech stocks under heavy pressure as Treasury Treasury yields continue to shoot up WGN traffic Here is Mary Vandeveld, and Traffic is sponsored by WTTW Looks pretty good on the wet roads. No delays on the Edens up on Kennedy to the airport. 24 half hour coming in from O'Hare. Eisenhower heading out to a man times at about 18 minutes. Minor delays in Austin Stevenson's okay along with the Ryan, Southside accident, 67th and Cottage Grove and in Elgin it, Randall. And big timber how far we come from the beginning of the covert 19 pandemic? And what does the future look like in where we go from here to Chicago Tonight? New special premiering tonight at seven. P.m. WTTW news examines what Chicagoans have learned, lost and gained during this public health crisis. Her band about the B G M traffic Central But our Pritzker talking a moment ago at the time since center about normalcy, talking about expanding vaccine eligibility, hey, is saying that those 16 and older will be eligible for vaccines as of April 12th. He also updated public health medications, saying that he is more optimistic today than he's been in a year. He talked about a bridge phase lasting 28 days, and he said to get to that bridge phase that 70% of those in the states 65 plus We need to have a least one vaccination, he says. It's at 58% right now and he said during their 2028 Day bridge period when we get to it Whether we exit from it quickly will be based on cases hospitalization deaths, the metrics that the state has been looking at for some time. He says after the bridge phase, a resumption of normal business operations would happen when 50% of the state population as at least one shot, he says. Right now we're at about 28%. And you heard John mentioned a mask controversy right before the news. He talked about Massa governor, and he said that the state would lift the mass requirement when the CDC recommends That that be done, So a lot of big changes will keep you updated on this developing story here. A W G and all afternoon three Children left home alone were rescued from an apartment fire on the Washington Park neighborhood. WGN school, and Marshall says the Children are being treated at Comber Children's Hospital. They were listed in stable condition when they arrived here at the hospital. This was a serious fire for these kids, one of them actually jumped out of the third floor window. Toe rescue themselves from the flames. Chicago Fire is saying the rescues happened the rescue have it on the third floor apartment.

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