Tyler Palumbo, Broncos, Browns discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


I just want to play ball. So that's Cory Lopez. Talking with Broncos safety craven. Let's dig a little deeper into how the Broncos matchup with the Browns. We are now checking in with orange and blue seven sixties Tyler Palumbo. Good morning. Tyler guys happy to be with you. And Tyler who is under more pressure. The Broncos defense or the offense. Oh, good question. The team as a whole can I say that? The defense. Have been playing tough. I call it up coming back to life. Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, obviously dynamic duo of edge. You know, really? I I would put the pressure of off if you're one of the two units deeper step it up. We just got to score more points. If you look around the league teams are scored twenty six twenty eight only eighty given game where we're just not there yet Tyler. And I hope this question is as good as Susan's. But are there any matchup? So the Broncos have an advantage over the Browns. Well, I don't bug out above the gaming general, Ed. You know sprouts defense team statistically better factor right there at the bottom of the barrel. We've we've somehow way to play. Number thirty to number thirty one number thirty. We we played about four five or six this year. Rotated though spots we played some of the worst defense is the league. So you know, our office for defense. There should be opportunities to be had there, but without are wide receiver with manual DAL. And unfortunately, Cortlandt didn't necessarily step up to the task as number one guy lot. We got also claims about that. And then defensively, unfortunately. If you look at his last five weeks, alone and separated. Classified a quarterback played at a much higher level. So you'll be totally honest with you. Pretty show. Yeah, they do. And staying with the Broncos defense for a moment Tyler how concerned are you about the Cornerbacks being able to hold up against that passing offense, which you know wants to push the ball down the field. I'll be concerned about the sector. We're out. I mean, I came into the season, and I was one of the guys will publicly stadium. But I'd love our secondary. As of day one about Chris Harris, what everybody was thinking cleaned out an extremely high level. Then you lose Harris rope been up and down. And now you're playing a guy for a week at certificate rats. I don't love that backup. Tyler. Thanks a ton for your time this morning. All right guys on Tyler Palumbo, send the Broncos play at home against the Browns tomorrow night..

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