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Both taking the dumpster they said we'll do take them so much he's nobody helped me but but who's going to tell israeli he said she has a way of finding out i don't know the lane he shouldn't you'll know just by looking at ease tv maybe you look guilty we don't like chiefs no the dogs will wait won't you sure it's not taking we need to find out more about the funny speedo business we took speed as you you were were here here when that was going on no as steve nicol won't speak no on the show i didn't go please bring up a full too bring up a full see i've never ever of a pretty speed will never never elongate this and make it show well motorshow you tomorrow don't care do they stanley speed and when i was younger it was it was in yeah i think we've grown out of it it's it's like some does the senate if he goes to brazil because he's elian he would speedo so i the rest of them will stick to the coupe of kabbani we faced the english speeders on him back everybody the muslim and you know when the wicks not done the yes you will will you do this you're not working nectars yeah they'll did say something i wouldn't stop here's pfc is backing tomorrow poland stevie running the show six pm eastern on espn news.

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