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Welcome to the electric circus known as Freddy and Fitz Simmons. Thank you very much. He's and Simmons I'm Freddie Coleman of the ESPN APP in serious except channel 80 stops by to hang out with us. They're here, thanks to Shell Pennzoil Performance line. So the MBA back on the court starting tomorrow three games on Saturday, three games on Sunday after the last 48 hours or so many conversations about will they or won't they? When it comes to the season? That's being a man who does a great job as an ESPN NBA front office insider. He has a menial Hason joining us here on Friday, and Fitz Simmons hit him on Twitter. At Darth mean before you get to the games being back on the court of mean I want to get your take on the last 48 hours. What word? A phrase used to describe the last 48 hours. And why Tumultuous. Uh, maybe another one unpredictable. Kemal took an unpredictable There's afraid. Ah, and it's because the reality is Freddy like A lot of people were asking me real time as this was happening, What is he going to do? And I said, You know a lot of times. People ask us way work in sports media, You know who's gonna win the game or what's gonna happen next. And we have educated guesses based on information available. In this case is that I don't know. And I'm pretty sure no one else knows because the players didn't really know everyone was kind of reacting real time. And so when you have this binary or the, you know, the Milwaukee Bucks Go to the arena with the intention to play that game, and then they have a conversation in the locker room and the decision comes for them to not play. But they're ready to accept the forfeit. So they don't really kind of involve anyone else, not conversation. And you see, the wimple effect of everything happened around that. Which is to say that, yeah, You know, when you're dealing with a situation like this, it's really hard to be able to explain things. About people who probably can explain it themselves and they're going through it. Tumultuous and, uh and and Unexplainable. Also goes. You are here. I haven't seen you in about a year. I mean, go ahead, man. Freddy could describe what he's looking at. Right now. I can't scribe salesman from from like 1978, right. So just to set of curiosity at what point does go light here before? Get back into the MBA. That look, man ofmy how far you gonna go with that dude? You go on, brother. I know what I don't know. It's a lot of it, to be honest with you. About I live in Arizona. We are one of the biggest corona virus hot spots in the world, not the country in the world. So you know, I look at every day that I know I live here as a risk Every time I leave my house to the wrist, only mods go get groceries. You know I'm with you. There you go there. You got a lot of like, Oh, aren't barbershop open in Arizona? Were you think I'm gonna trust because, like Barbara shall find the coronavirus. It seems like a ridiculous thing. If easy thing for me to avoid even I'm not going Everybody. Tell him what you're looking at me. He's got so much lettuce on is that he needs to be part of a salad bar. Let's put it that way. Way, you know, hasn't ESPN in front ofthe is inside of joining us here on Freddy of its seventh on ESPN Radio? Great Fall on Twitter at Darth Amine, Speaking of hair, LeBron James, I know he had his hair go further away from his head. After the reaction they had to him when it comes to the players where he leaves the room. He probably got a lot of players gonna follow in terms of boycotting the season thinking about it and placed it up and said, We're not going to do that. Based on reports. What are your thoughts on LeBron James? Maybe having his armor taking a dent because players are going to speak up more for themselves when it comes to what they want to do in the MBA. Well, I think they like to be here again. This is a situation that was very real time. It wasn't planned right on. As I understood it, LeBron got up and walked out of the meeting. He didn't walk out of the teeth. He just said the hell with this. I'm going because he was upset. Part of the reason they were upset. It wasn't just him was the idea again. But the box unilaterally made this decision without consulting union leadership when you're in the union You have to be unified. You have that speak with a single voice, because that's where your strength emanates from once you become splintered interaction. That's to say that the owners would take advantage of it in this scenario, but in general, it just makes it a lot, Messier and so LeBron thing is once you take this step You know, he felt I guess at the time you have all the way you can't have stepped, right. You know, you can't threaten to do it and then not do it because then the threats every further threat loses. Then in with the guy from the last time they pretended like they weren't gonna play that a good place. I'm a Zai understand it, And I know Chris Haynes did an excellent job reporting on the thought processes of LeBron in the conversations in that room. You know, Having said that I spoke to people who were privy to a conversation in the bubble that night, and what they told me was this. There was two main points, many point number 11. Superstar's overwhelmingly across the board were for not playing. And the people were for playing where the role players the rank of file guys, which makes sense, because LeBron James Harden with what they have hundreds of millions of dollars they done that they could never play again and there The families and.

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