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The marquette. Goldnagel seventy Xavier musketeers fifty two rob afternoon for the musketeers Xavier never had the lead the ballgame. The game was tied for about three minutes and forty two seconds. But Xavier was chasing from the get-go. Zach hankins you got his four starting to role play two minutes to start the ball game picked up two thousand that was a good indicator of how the entire forty minutes might go for the musketeers. They felt like they were going to close the gap a little bit on occasion. But never really decisively. They got within twelve got within ten, but then we're constantly kicked back to fifteen sixteen and seventeen th the ultimate final seventy to fifty two the final score Marquette knocking off the musketeers teammates help each other out. Great place happened like this one shaver running away from the perimeter Marshall with the basketball the right point double team diagonal pass into the corner to heart and fakes a shot. Drives it feeds inside the Hakin dunk shit for two Jaber trails by eight thirty three twenty five packets first bucket of the ball game up. Beautiful drive. Little dish by heart and setting up the big man for the slam. They assisted the game presented by state farm. Get an agent that gets you. And that might have been the highlight really of the musketeers run where they pulled on day. They hear the sobs heart was on the floor. Kennedy was doing a good job. Hankins was back on the floor for the last couple of minutes of the the first half Xavier's seemed to be closing that gap with the hope that perhaps setting themselves up for run in the second half. Which is quite frankly, never materialized. Yeah. As you said, Joe Xavier just could never kind of close that gap. I mean, they got close they cut it to ten cut it to twelve just to be turned away by big shots by Marcus Howard show. He ends up with twenty six points and six mate threes. And he was the known, and I thought sabre did a good good job for the most part on defending him. But when you have a guard that puts that much pressure on your defense, it really it really changes. It it could affect the game so drastically and it did this one his presence their heads as recon scrambling all over the place. I think it had a little bit to do as abors lack of offense. I mean, Queen good came into the game leading Xavier in scoring minutes assists. And he instills in this game. You know, he's he's got one point healing plays. Twenty minutes. Two rebounds to assist. I mean, he was chasing. And he just kind of was not in the game. And even though we had some guys come off the bench and give them some some significant minutes. Still just just wasn't enough to win on the role in this league this year. He had Scruggs castle. Gooden? Marshawn hankins starters. You have castle and good in hankins combined for what a total of three points. Those three stars. Just not a good day offensively for the musketeers by any stretch of the imagination. Final score Marquette seventy Xavier musketeers fifty two how about your Kroger star of the game. Cobra star of the game is pause Scruggs. Joe he has a double double as a guard. He was outstanding seventeen points five for eleven from the field. He was seven or eight from the free throw line, one assists. No turnovers in thirty three minutes of play. I loved the passion. He played with.

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