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Do also got some well. That's not gonNA happen right now. Either I am talking stuck at home. Actually one bag of Holy. Get Weird working in your room for his just become a whole different person but a the collective consciousness yeah And then I also got the Geisha. 'cause I'm I'm really excited to try that and quick so I was like I gotta get some real fast and then a few other ones I forget I think I got the Guatemala and Beta Carmona. Not Bella Sorry. L. A. Kerman other things. I definitely got some answer because I wanted to ask. You know it feels like home and oh I got a few bags of steeped. So I'm just I just I just Just a new little tiny guess. What tiny little cute Khalida Wave Moka Pot thinking that I was telling Kristen about and I got the small size on purpose. Because I'm just one person you know what I'm saying. Yeah because fuck making coffee for anybody else save myself. Oh my God that's right. Now that's how you should totally be thinking. I wrote a blog about helping out on Wednesday. Oh cool if anybody wants to check it I mean. I read a blog every Wednesday but the theme on this one or kind of the A. Because everyone's feeling this this panic right so just making a little note that if everybody only focuses on saving themselves that when the dust settles like you're going to be all alone and that would be a really crappy thing and we're all you know we gotta do what we can to help out each other. Hell Yeah you don't need a bunch of money to help out. You don't need to be rich. You don't need to be a baller. You don't need to have a ton of resources anyway. That's like free am I okay? There's a chance I don't know for sure but I might move in with my grandma. It's super safe. Because she has a lot of people come through. So that's one thing but even before that I'm I was thinking about doing deliveries for the elderly But even more than that even easier is literally face timing with my friends. That's and it's helping me to and like I was making dinner last night here. My sister up we just talked about stuff and it was really cool and yeah I just I need my friends and I don't I just yeah gotta you did. I tell you about my virtual co working space you know what the heck okay. So Seth Godin. I'm a big fan of his books and everything that he does. He created on his website. A little portal. That's got a virtual co working space just for a month to help people get through this so what it has is. It's got a bunch of different message boards where you can connect with people all over the globe and then this is what I really liked about it. They have two different Zoom Rooms. That are available. So there's a coffee chat room where you go in and chat with people and there's there's hundreds of people on this platform right but they break up into groups of ten or so the one I've been using is the virtual zoom co working room to. Are you sign into the room? And then you basically see on your screen the other nine people that are in your room and it's a no talking room. There is like a chat bar on the side. That seems like most people aren't using it a lot very minimal and what you have is a bunch of people quote unquote sitting together doing work. And I'm using it to try to keep my productivity a little bit higher on the projects that I'm working on because Bill. I hate me exactly. I hate being in one place for too long so I like to bounce around and at home it sucked so I'm prone to sitting down doing fifteen minutes of work and then going and getting a snack or going and getting distracted by this that or the other. But if I'm sitting down and everybody can see me sitting there I feel like I wanna stay planted for at least forty five minute chunks of time to not be the lame dude you have that look of concentration on your face like even if you're shopping right what's the point of what's the point of signing in. Blake what's the point of signing and if you're just GONNA dip like five minutes so I tried it out. I wasn't shopping. Caroline just kidding. I don't think real I don't think anyone I know. I like WanNa shop so bad actually. I'm going to buy something from humidity. The skate shop in New Orleans. And I'm trying to figure out a way to drop off a care package at bills wheels. Oh our local skates love. Our coffee drop it on. I know they're open odd hours though because there are open. Well I know so bill who owns a shop posted something and they're they're at certain times just to take deliveries but those times are kind of erratic so. I need to connect with one of the people that work there and figure out how to get something to give deliveries. What just to take like from there from people they buy. Okay that's cool. You know like like our our Milkman. Would drop off milk or whatever. Yeah so yeah that's a I'm trying. I'm trying to keep it going. Do we need to read more or less man? Feel totally just want episodes on. Okay I just I was just talking miles Murphy and then if you WANNA do. Christopher kind of tally Christopher Tally San Jose California. He says support the local businesses. It benefits all of us collectively. It totally does thank you so much for for bringing that to the table Man. I don't even know what to say more on that. Because it's something we've been preaching for the last couple couple episodes that it really means a lot to give what you can and then if you can't financially obviously even supporting like for us You're getting Kinda Swamp Carol because you've been doing so much work and I was like. Let me get in that instagram. For you and I did and just seeing like the energy that people were sending out like supporting local business. If it's like. Hey I love what you guys do on a regular basis. Even if you can't buy anything like I'm just here to tell you that you're fucking awesome. That's dope like that is totally supportive. Amen to that yeah like sending a DM just being late you hazard doing okay or like whatever or even just having a conversation again just interacting with one. Another is pretty big Really Building FEM- here. You know for sure Los I can. I can read another one. Yup and I'm GonNa read another one a few because I got a special supreme okay cool. There's actually some funny ones that I'm excited for you to read down the line. I'm scrolling down the line and I want to get it before before somebody else. Okay cool so you go? I'M GONNA go with Bradley Dixon from Santa Cruz. local local peeves So it says thank you guys for being awesome. I live down the street. And we'll be enjoying your coffee from the comfort of my home until this blows over happy face but not just a normal happy face. It's like the two is and then using the letter capital d. So it's like a day smile dude. Thank you so much Bradley. Like it's good to know that you're staying safe and I'm so grateful that you are drinking our coffee but any coffee at all. I'm glad that you're just taking care of yourself and it's fun to just yeah. Thank you for saying we're awesome because that feels good and I think you're asking the feel so good it's cool to see and there's a few of them in here more than you this. There's a lot of locals and it's Dope Super Dope. It that speaks to me. That people are really missing that connection of both like our workers in the cafe and seeing the other people around the community. It's just people are craving it and thank you for thank you for checking in with us on social and sending this stuff it's super dope I'M GONNA skip down the line all the way down. 'cause I just wanted to catch willing From JERICK MONTE FROM BOISE IDAHO. He says hi. I'm Jerry which I've never heard that name. I don't know where that comes from. But it's cool. J E R I C K Great Jerick underscore Monte on INSTA-. I'm a photographer and enjoy shooting cars. When I discovered Chris that's me had a passion for cars to and may coffee. I was pretty stoked I own a two thousand four. Four X T with an engine swap can't wait to try nightshift and read the tiny book. Dude I love the tiny book. Love love everything. Well why I lost my place. I love everything. Good people have created sending all the good vibes. I can't in these hard times stay. Dalkia. I'll catch flipside piece Jerick dude. I got something for you. A little nugget of connection interaction. So you have a forester within engine swap. I WANNA.

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