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Honey from doing it because you know time is very expensive as you know and and prioritising those needs um that can that's usually a huge impetus for me i understand that that's because you're more could or because you expect to result for bolger effort right off and i think for many people get into podcasting i think there's really two ways to monitor says the show i think the first way which i think is obviously the better way is winter using podcasting as a part of your overall marketing mix to support the sale of the products or services that you have already right which is why we do this show let's be honest right yummy we yet basically use this as a part of our more caen mix so our return on spin is very tight leak doug control to the product that we have the second way and i think this is the most common way people think monetize ing is putting ads on their show right and i think the thinking goes like this i'm going to be the best podcast her ever you have you will going to love me and so many people are gonna love me too all you have to do is throw a couple ads on there and i am retiring to the beach right our exxon well it's a little bit harder to that effect a lot harder than that and so for today show we have a very special guest has been podcasting before there was even ipod out there who understands the methods to really use pond castings way to create up income for yourself through advertising this is a topic we've never really covered on the show before i'm very excited to go through the nuances because when you are doing podcasting not as a function of your marketing support but really as a function of revenue through ads they're are nuances that you will need to know and we will go through them when we get right back from this break stay tuned.

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