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A movie critic. Maybe I could be a food critic. These Buffon's taste bad or an art critic. Painting is bad. It got. I'm so disgusted by Rick tittle that I find him very intoxicating. I thank you for that and welcome back to the show. You know there were some. There were a lot of angles. The last dance could've taken and I not just mean you know wizards and all that I mean it's just. The story isn't entirely too long to get into the ten hours but think about the trade offers when the Blazers infamously forever now passed on Jordan but the number two pick and eighty four. But you know but obviously looks. It looks worse every day. It looks worse even with the documentary. And excuse me the Jordan's Olympic team in eighty four. Bobby Knight was so enamored with them. Remember the quote Bobby Knight. Said he's the best player I've ever coached and the blazers. Gm was STU INMAN and he told Bobby Knight that he was not GonNa pick Jordan because they needed a center. And Bobby Knight. Apparently told STU INMAN draft Michael Jordan and play him at center. You know tongue-in-cheek cheek like just just take the guy taken but before the Bulls made their intentions now. There were a lot of people that were begging to switch with the Bulls. Now these are supposedly facts now but we never really know the seventy sixers offered Dr J. Straight up which was also Dr J. and the number five. Pick the number five picture not to be Charles Barkley and Andrew. Tony who is an all star guard at the time? Dr J. Charles. Barkley the pick for him Andrew. Tony the Sonics talked about a trade that they're gonNA give them Jack Sigma Which at the time you think. Well there's an established center but still Jaksic man I mean come on And then other one link door Jordan to Dallas with Mark Maguire. Lotta people will remember Mark Maguire on subsequent tunes cooking the Pistons but the most unbelievable rumor of all came from a potential teammate because in Akeem Elisha lawns book my life and basketball living the dream. He said the rockets discussed trading Ralph Sampson to Portland for the number two pick and Clyde Drexler they would have taken Jordan they would have taken sorry Elisha. One number one overall Jordan number two now combining those two with Clyde Drexler would have been one of the greatest trios. Nba History. But it was Houston that said no to the offer so in other words just to reiterate Portland Houston. Let's flip flop and for flip-flopping you give structure and we'll give you Ralph Sampson our F. Sam Senate getting felt over to the warriors not long after much to my show grand and then once Jordan got drafted. Sam Smith actually said in the Jordan rules that it was revealed that the clippers offered the bulls any five players or draft picks that they had now at that point that included the number one and number six pick and the next summer's draft. Chicago SAID NO FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. But they had toyed with the The ideas But the Bulls never traded Jordan and suffice to say they don't regret it and that's something I'll say about Jerry. Krause look at all the guys who have been traded. You Know Willie mays Wayne Gretzky can Saco in his prime in the on-deck circle. That was a shocker. For me I was working that game that night for sports channel. It was still haunts me. It goes on and on the greatest players in history a lot of times. They're bit older but they've been traded. They never traded Jordan. They knew that that would make zero sense now. Another thing that they didn't really talk about in the documentary was that Jordan which you could say you know. He came in kind of a one trick pony and then he turned into a great defender but those first few years in Chicago. I remember those years very well. He was a one man team and remember. When the Bulls offense was sputtering Doug Collins May Jordan the point guard and the the results hardly even look real because the first month that he became a point guard late in the season which was like mid March to mid April Jordan. Averaged thirty points eleven assists nine rebounds per game and at one point at Point Guard. He had ten triple doubles in eleven games. And in the one thousand nine hundred and nine playoffs. He had seven double digit assist Games. Now think about this. Kobe Bryant in his twenty years had nine double digit assist games in his career because Kobe was a great scorer but so Jordan thinking about that. Kobe had nine. Jordan had seven in one playoffs so most arguments surrounding Jordan and Lebron they boil down to a playing style because Jordan as typically viewed as superior scorer were James's prayed praise for his all around game. They're different different size. Guys One's a garden one's a forward. The truth is somewhere in between both were more capable than what we think they can do. I mean for those people who hate on Lebron. I remember you know many NBA finals series. That I attended thank you. Nba For giving me a press. Pass here at sports violent but Lebron get the ball and he'd bring it down the court and sometimes they'd have it would all on them. Sometimes they'd have bogut sometimes they'd have Three on Green. Whatever they'd switch off they did it piecemeal. Sometimes they have Fbi Yudo over. That kid was that but anyway they would trade off and Lebron would get the ball. He'd call out some numbers of the top of the key pass. It wants to Della Vedova Pass. It wants to Shumpert comes back to Jordan. I mean comes back to Jordan comes back to Lebron turns his back to the WHO back down back down back down. Every time he dribbled didn't matter how much defender had planted his feet in the hardwood. Move Him back back. Moving back off the glass and in or drop the shoulder get the guy to go turn around and drop it off the glass or double teamed step back Fadeaway Katie Style. Lebron is one of the greatest players of all time. But that's my my point is with that is that is what. Lebron James is as a point guard. It's basically one man team just because you bring the ball up the court doesn't make you a point guard bark out. A few plays does not make your point card. That's why I'd always bugsy when they say. Oh Magic Johnson. Greatest Point Guard and yeah he was better than Lebron. Because you'd pass the ball more but true point guards the way that they are generals of a team like I always I always Kind of bad mouth Steve Nash for winning an MVP. But Steve. Nash is the epitome of what a point guard is as you run your offense and it goes through you. You make passes you call the plays you can score? You can defend Lebron. As a point guard can do that so I just read you some stats there of not just Jordan as a point guard Jordan as a point guard in the playoffs plows so as much as George. Karl was tongue in cheek. When you told STU INMAN and Portland to draft Jordan and play him at center if you need a center so badly. It's not that harebrained scheme. You probably wouldn't want a eight forward but you think about how Barkley is. And how many rebounds he gets think about how. Tall Rodman is. And how many rebounds he gets Rodman six nine. It's not it's not out of the realm kidding but Jordan was you can. You could ask him to do anything on the floor. And he was gonNA give it everything and lot of times with Panache. Aplomb and a plum. Give him one of those two he could. He could get it done. So it's it's dumb to compare Lebron it's like saying you know what's better a mucks a Mustang or Camaro. They're both amazing. I Love Them. You go we'll the mustangs better the CAMAROS better and it. Just let's just appreciate them for what they are all right house after comparison. I'm it'll.

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