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They leave because the weather gets rough and now we're here second gear in some pretty hazardous conditions Mandalay because this point not only for fishermen but also for many families what what again here is a look your mother this morning here's the part of what made shopping for clothes online pretty much full proof but a lot of internet retailers are rethinking their free return policies with many shoppers ordering several sizes of returning those that don't fit or with those that where the close a few times before sending them back some stores are ditching prepaid labels and summer requiring a receipt some even our blacklisting serial returners according to a study by research firm a freeze last year three hundred sixty nine billion dollars in merchandise or ten percent of total retail sales was returned to the U. S. that what the return to the skies delayed by at least some time next year Boeing is reportedly considering halting or at least cutting back production of at seven thirty seven MAX jetliner and sources telling Bloomberg the company is leaning toward a complete suspension that could mean layoffs we are open here the full of for a final full trading week of our twenty nineteen and the S. and P. futures are gaining fifteen points nasdaq ahead forty five Dow futures higher by fifty four we check your money at twenty and fifty after each hour I'm Bloomberg Steve potus for can extend seventy newsradio a baseball bat worth over million dollars it all depends on whose hands were on it and what it was used for and that story's coming up ninety seconds it's five twenty one your body brought you by opus bank couple of weeks about no for a pro quo with Ukraine and all that.

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