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I don't know. I just can't you know, I can't take the all this with YouTube Canadian bacon any already updates not at all good as gold. Hope she doesn't chew with their mouths open tonight. Oh, yeah, no, no, no, no, no. No, that was a different girl this yeah. This is a different one. Mark p Stuttering John. We haven't experienced any purging since then. Yeah, I hope I hope that'll be the case. Well, anyway, just let me tell you what's going on with the show this week. It's going to be a very interesting week I have. Stuttering John my show is not for kids stop by sometime but betting local, I don't know where to find you show this Thursday. Yeah getting he wants to start off Glenn Kirchner on and then we have hopefully how sparks I was trying to see if I can get house parks on today, but he's not responding. I don't blame this last minute cuz you know, the guy I thought my touch would stay on a little longer. Yes, they don't forget to tell you about the kid settings on YouTube. Yeah. The only thing is that I I I checked. I don't need a nap Canadian bacon. I just went on a hike and I haven't eaten today. So I'll go downstairs and make some soup or something. Oh, thank you. Nikki be for Benny Loco show off. I will definitely check that out. But I anyway Thursday we have Glen Kirchner. And then hopefully how and then Saturday I am going to have the a congressman. So I'm going to book that show up. But I do have a congressman going on on Saturday and Fridays beer in the balcony is going to be with the great Rudy sarzo bass player extraordinaire who played with a quiet quiet Quiet Riot Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne. He's the one that introduced Ozzy to Randy Rhoads. So so that should be a heck of a beer on the balcony. Look if you happen to come a patreon wage. I think it's time. You know what I mean? Like, what are you waiting for? Its if there's little as five bucks. And you know, I give you add content and you know, I do calls and zooms and everything else. So so there's the patreon off right there. There it is. And so yeah become a patreon member I expect to see at least five thousand new patreons surely won't have Jessica Hannah that's a good idea, but she has some stories. to tell I got three freaking yawning thing now going to be yawning now freaking for a while. So I had got my first beer down good as go. We'd love your beer in the balcony shows. Yep. They are good shows, you know, let me put my PayPal. I've already checked PayPal today. and I want to thank all the PayPal's because it's I I am.

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