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Sounds like unless she's very good good at lying and keeping a secret that Millie Bobby Brown probably won't be in the internals Kumail Nangiani on the other hand that was a report that came from the trades and he was recently asked by variety as well about his potential involvement. He did the standard. I can't really comment on that. But of course it'd be excited to be in a superhero movie. What gives us a little bit more evidence? That probably is going to be in the journals is there was a recent men's health profile about him and he's been working out and working with a personal L. trainer because he realized that the the one thing that was keeping him from getting <hes> bigger leading man roles and like doing more action stuff was the fact that he was not you know in super great physical shape not that he was out of shape necessarily but he's not toned isn't a lot of muscle work so it sounds like he's probably doing the same kind of thing Chris Pratt to get in shape <hes> for guardians of the Galaxy and then Kevin Feige he was asked about these two and he also said he's like he's like those these great actors that ain't GonNa firm right now. The additional name that he was asked about was Donnie yen who has also been rumored for this movie by the same kind of thing where they're just not ready to announce anything yet and really basically we just have to wait until comic on to find out what they're gonNA tell us. I think maybe all your Brown's. Liar I think she'd give me onstage comic with you. We'll see we'll see <hes>. I'm really curious what they're gonNA show us a COMECON and I think I finally realized Brad that the only thing that's keeping me away from being in a marvel cinematic the University of them is I'm not working at so so media doing that debt salads okay. Let's move on to mortal combat <hes> they once did a mortal Kombat movie. I think some people consider sitter it to be the best video game movie of all time. I'm not sure if that's true or not. No no no way no way people consider it to be their favorite like if you go most of them. If you look at this on the Internet it is up there that resident evil level and I think like maybe tomb raider. I think the top three I think it's just thrown them all. Even that's not a great movie yeah <hes> well looks like they're gonNa make another mortal Kombat movie and this was GonNa be rated R. Jacob. What do we know yeah? We know about this mortal Kombat reboot for some time at James Wan of conjuring command famous producing and commercial director Simon McCoy is making his directorial feature debut at it and it's still a little ways away. I think we're expecting a twenty twenty one release date but screenwriter Greg Russo tweeted since it's already been stated by other members of the team. I'M GONNA put us on the bed..

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