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A moment. Attorneys at the trial of former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd's death of moved closer to the seating A full jury They chose three today. Bringing the panel to 12 to alternate still must be chosen. Prosecutors want a judge to allow a forensic psychiatrist to testify that Floyd's actions when he struggled with officers trying to put him in a squad car were consistent with any reasonable person's anxiety or panic during a traumatic event and that he wasn't necessarily resisting arrest. Floyd said he had claustrophobia. The former officers attorney says If that is allowed, he should be able to tell the jury about Floyd's drug arrests a year earlier, the judge will rule Tomorrow, a new report says an overwhelmed 911 system, chaos and delays hampered the law enforcement response to a Southern California bar during a 2018 attack. Killed a dozen people. The after action report cites a syriza of problems that created confusion after a Marine veteran opened fire inside the borderline bar and grill in 1000 Oaks in long killed himself after fatally wounding patrons, many of them college students. The dead included a Ventura County's sheriff's sergeant who was wounded by long and then hit by friendly fire. Report says long left no note and his motive may never be known. Civil rights attorney John Burris will investigate the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of Terrell Wilson in the suburban San Francisco Bay area city of Danville. Laura says the 32 year old African American man was shot by Officer Andrew Hall after a foot chase. Hall reportedly believed that Wilson was throwing rocks from the freeway. After a brief chase. The officer claims that Wilson approached him with a knife, and the officer shot him once in the face. Bursts. Ed Wilson's parents don't believe the account and that an independent witness disputes the officer's report. The witness said that the officer chased Wilson across the street. They got into an argument and officer Hall pulled out his weapon and shot Wilson after Wilson made a hand gesture. Wilson's parents said their son has suffered for years with the mental impairment he was homeless. It is the second time the Danville police officer has used Deadly force, and now we believe we have that story from Eric Gladys on the effort to vaccinate migrant farm workers in Colorado. Hey, hot sand Pillar is with River Valley Family Health Center, serving a lathe, Montrose and Delta on the Western slope, she says Migrant workers face unique risks frequently more than 20. Farmers work alongside each other every day and go home together at night to dormitory like settings. They have a common kitchen, common living room, and so if one of them goes to a supermarket and brings it back It's highly likely that they will all get it..

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