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Dates to find out what makes a marriage last. What a crazy afternoon in new york. The day we met bryan cranston and robin dearden. Oh god i remember. Brian was starring in the hit. Broadway production of network and the kurt was going up in just a few hours. So we had a very narrow window of time to visit with them at their apartment or men are cabdriver. Took us to the wrong address and it was rush hour. We were almost a full hour late. It was just the worst no time to kind of warm up to each other wonderfully into the wrong that yes and no idiot lately from discombobulated never late especially. You were rattled but brian was so relaxed. Nifty as curtain. Yeah that's ahead. Once we got our act together we dove in by talking about their parents marriages. All seven of my parents marriages were wonderful. My my mom was married four times. My dad was married three times. They had numerous boyfriends and girlfriends. And yeah so in many ways. My parents taught me what not to do. This kind of lazy attitude into marriage didn't work wherever you from from. La born and raised out there. And so you kind of against marriage no. I was married once before. When i was twenty three and then i got married again when i was thirty five. I think i was thirty. Five thirty three so ten years after my trial so it didn't scare you off marriage in fact that there were all those marriages no no. Because the woman that i married wasn't a bad person. She was a lovely person. It just it just was the wrong time. And i wasn't in love with her. And i i think i took a very casual look at it. It wasn't fair to her. Wasn't fair to me. Fortunately we didn't have any children and she went her separate way and remarried and has a life and the life she wanted. Let you and what about your family. I came from the complete opposite of his. I had leave it to beaver. I was raised in whittier. Little tiny town nixon's hometown. I'm a native californian too. I never wanted to get married. It wasn't a high on my list and my parents never instilled in me. The need to be married. We grew up in mostly are formative years in the seventies and the the sexual revolution in the sixties busted open and the seventies sort of celebrated that kind of looseness and you got waylaid and off track. I think a lot by fun. Yeah by fun and by freedom and convincing yourself that you may be in love with someone when you're really not and you may not have that much in common with them and now you're in so deep you like. Oh how do i extract myself. I got married very and then afterward. I realized oh i've made a mistake and i realized then find do this again. I really have to know what i'm doing and be in love so then you met on a set right. We met on a on a really terrible television show called air wolf which starred a helicopter and and i was a bad guy of the week on this episode. She was the victim of the week. I kidnapped her and held her for ransom and other women say how sexy you had a gun on her threatened to kill her or dater. We met on air wolf. We didn't start dating that. It was a year later that we ran into each other in improv comedy class and and got to know each other and got to be friends. But i think we were. We were lucky we were guided to this the year. The at the time that we met we had a girlfriend to. She had a boyfriend so we were able to just not have the tension. I should make a move and ask her out and were able to just a fun and flirt. And and that's nice and we just kind of slowed into it as opposed to over extending yourself physically making that commitment and then having to backtrack to figure out who this person is who you just have relations with. That is so new. Are we fool ourselves. And we'd go. Oh my god. I'm doing this again. And then i went to oxford for a summer and he came over and he stopped at oxford and and i went. Oh it's you. And i've never felt that way my life. If you mean. I can't explain it except that it was just this reaction to oh i do. I do wanna get married and i wanna marry you. That's so you knew that. I knew pretty fast and i had never felt that way before. And you were you thinking that she could be the one. Yeah i was. I was very keen on this. We had the most romantic date in at stratford-upon-avon rented a punt. And we were. We had sandwiches beautiful day. Wine found a little shady place under a tree in the water. We kissed like bandits. How lovely how great. Your proposal received a lot of that. Is that best in london that he owned a cabin with a friend of his to actors. They bought a cabin up in big bear. It was hilarious because the bafta was a standard sized bathtub in a crappy cabin in the mountains so there wasn't any room for me to face him facing the spout back was against his chest. Yes so i kept thinking. I designed it this way because i thought that if i was to face her and trying to get these leads out i would cry. I would crack. I'd i really did so. I thought man. Am i going to do this. How am i gonna do i. Champagne little music going. And i'm going. What the hell. And every time. I start to talk that she starts to turn around to look and i pushed her face back toward the front so that i could let me just get this out. Was that a surprise. At that moment. It wasn't surprised because it was like. I know where this is going. Kind of now. The other thing was the ring. Yeah we're nude as one is right. Where would i put the ring. So i think you'll see it. There's if i put no down the drain. And i i don't i put it on my baby toe. I put it all the way on my and submerged the foot at segue so.

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