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They're selling twenty dollars tickets which included mission and the single digital download, as well as bundle packs including both the admission ticket and merchandise ranging from autographed CDs VIP Zoom Access The digital event whatever it is says, New York. Post to set to take place Sunday at ten. Am Pacific Time Welcome to campus come join us is what they say this is very strange and seems like kind of Tacky to be like selling tickets in March for Nickelodeon. This is what I think. It is because it's still unclear even though we've got one. More question I think it's a zoom. CAST, and like gets all zooming and Zoe and people can buy tickets to watch latch that I don't think it's any sort of formal reboot like we were asking wishing and praying born, and then I guess like the new influencers are coming in to make it influence the Ullivan and I think chantal threes worked on the new theme song. I think that's the biggest thing is that they did a Redo of the theme song which we sang for you yesterday beautifully and I think that that's the review that they should be. Just me Shantelle Jeffries is a DJ. Yeah. In addition to being in instagram girl and she's the smoker issue and saw on her instagram yesterday. Yes. Wow. Girls Boyfriends I'm happy for her little, jealous. Yes. She has good taste to excellent. Excellent taste I agree The other thing I wanted to say is yesterday I did warn you on the show that Paul Butcher who played dustin her little brother was really acting out on Tiktok and I posted some of the Tiktok on her instagram and I wanted to know what you thought of that. What was that reaction? How did you feel my reaction was utter shock And also shock and. It's hard to say I was truly rendered speechless because I know that you told us about it. But you didn't like you really didn't say I. Didn't say I didn't anymore. You didn't warn us. You didn't warn me that would be posting two of them. Will you know what the end I looked into it I just he's like one of the maybe five people who is always going to be a little brother. Yes. There's some people who just never grow up to see a little brother posting sexual take talks like that. It's really shocking. You know and then I looked. Up How is he's Yori twenty six how would you feel zoe was little brother was your age. You, walk into the door Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh, my God daily. Chutney. No. I just I thought it was important that the world see those take talks and I'm sorry that you were kind of collateral in that. But that's the job. I chose to do and I don't think it would be right if I didn't do it one hundred percent one, hundred percent of the time and I don't think he's involved in this reboot. And I do I know I? Don't I didn't see his name Oh, I do because all the cast mates have been making them a really. Yeah. Okay. But his name wasn't in the official Tags Paul. I'm not seeing Paul Crazy. I feel like he doesn't WanNa be America's little brother anymore. No not brother now. No He's batty wow. That's Daddy. But no way his tiktok Berry like Zoe Wanna in addition to being pornographic it's also very zoe Wanna one friendly. He's always like harking back to his past I think the two of those are inherently conflicting..

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