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City. You know you. Obviously you put up points on them or at. Least that's what's been exposed here in the in the first two weeks of the season two I really didn't come down to how you manage the back end of the first half and the back end of the the fourth quarter like if you can possess the ball and and i know the whole principle is hey possessed. The ball limit their possessions. Don't let patrick mahomes yet. You on a big play. Offensively there so dynamic but he's gonna get you they're gonna make those plays can you possess the ball at the end of the game and the end of the first half. Can you not give them a chance to double up at the end of the first half you know and get the ball back at the beginning of the second half. Can you not give them those opportunities. Because i think then you can improve your score on them right then you can. You have a chance to win the shootout. Does that make sense right. And i think for baltimore. You're one hundred percent right mike. I mean here's a game where you're looking at the baltimore ravens. You're going well. That could have like that could escalated quickly. They could have been down right down. Oh two and then then then where do you go from there right. You're right you're like oh two oh and you know. They're a good team. And i just thought with two turnovers and all the things that went down with lamar his playmaking ability. And his ability to tack line of scrimmage and he had a touchdown to brown where he jumps up and delivers it and some of the runs he had and he is clearly like if you're defining what an mvp is is clearly like. He's that that office they have reconstructed entire offense. They have created something that is not only dynamic. Put his unique to just them in a league where everybody runs the same crap. It's unique to just them and it's pretty incredible. He is truly the mvp like maybe not of the league. But he's right up there with the tops of them but he's certainly the mvp baltimore. Well i'll give you another guy that Through two weeks might be the mvp of the nfl garrick car. He is playing exceptionally well and he went into pittsburgh and whatever issues you may have about the steelers and there are many but most of them centered around big ben in that offense defense is still legit and car went in there and and pick them apart. Yeah and the raiders are two zero with wins over the ravens and steelers. Are they for real. Listen if if car i'll give car can play like that. And like he has for the first two weeks that can cover a lot awards. Mike like right now. Car is not just managing the game and being efficient. Like you know cars always been. That guy feels to me in pass. He's been that guy. That's hey twenty at twenty four but it's two hundred twelve yards in two. Td's and now would with car. It's all of a sudden. It feels like it's you know twenty nine thirty six three hundred fifty yards and three. Td's in you know he's a work cover right now and because he's putting up so many points and because he's got the weapons around and do that doesn't it feel to degree like derek carr is making up like you're allowing your defense from a complimentary standpoint to maybe not be as talented as you'd like it to be but to be in a situation where you're constantly playing with the lead. I mean think about it rushing. You know that car had four kerry's barbara thirteen carries drake heads seven gary. Yeah they played with josh jacobson's they really didn't run the ball and airs car throwing for three hundred and eighty two yards. But they're having the lead and they're forcing ben rothlisberger. They're forcing him to throw it. Forty times and thinking about you know they they were gonna fix the running game right. They're gonna fix it. They're gonna lean on it. You know the nausea hairs is going to be our guy. He's gonna hit carries because what they're doing is they're forcing the opponent's offense to be one dimensional therefore what therefore we don't have to defend the run we don't have to defend the You know we don't have to defend a lot of the The play action game off the running game we we can just be more one dimensional and play that way and understand what we're being put in like. They're in they're in really. They're in a really good spot. Just a really good spot sponsor around the league. You're talking about some of the games tampa bay. It is scary because even while they were in the midst of the playoff run last year. Tom brady kept insisting look we are maybe sixty percent of the way to figuring out what we all are offensively and everybody gained on the same page offensively. We have not even come close to hitting our stride yet. Offensively and here. They are the first two weeks of the season mark tom. Brady's thrown nine touchdown passes right nine. And i.

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